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on March 25, 2009

I am really not sure I like that most recent posts go on the top.  I mean how do you know where the beginning is?  It just makes no sense to me.  Especially for folks new to the blog.  I mean how do they catch up?  And this whole reading from TOP to Bottom thing… UGH.  HATE IT!

I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed this morning.  Brian missed an appointment I forgot to remind him about.  It was for the Venous Doppler on his legs.  Oy. I feel so bad. I have to reschedule now.  I also noticed I do not have Cardio scheduled.  Ugh.  What a pain.

In a way I am NOT happy we are using St. Agnes.  It’s really outside of MY COMFORT Zone.   So many times I defer my comfort for Brian’s.  My fiscal comfort, my physical comfort, my emotional comfort.   I mean really if I really did what I wanted to do, we’d have  fewer cable channels (we have EVERY PREMIUM channel there is except the premium sports channels), we’d have the heat on lower, the ac on less,  And various other things.  If I did what I wanted to do, I’d be having Surgery ASAP instead of deferring to let him go first at a time convenient for him.  He wants to go first because he’s afraid if he sees how sick I’m going to be right after surgery he won’t have it.  He’s a big huge baby.

I am really hoping that after the surgery so many things will change for him.  Including his self-esteem.   I know he’s already talking about a different job.    He’s so smart.  He could do so many things if he only loved himself more.

Oh well.   Still so very cold here.  I wish Spring would hurry up.

House news: the new table will be here NEXT FRIDAY APRIL 3rd.  Just figuring out how to take the morning off at home.  I normally attend via phone a meeting on Friday mornings.  Maybe I can do it from the house.  The grill was not working well last night.   Brian thinks we are low on propane. I have to find a place to fill tanks that charges by the pound not the tank.

Dogs: Harley is growing in so many ways.  For sure he’s getting taller.  Now he goes out for Girl Child AND he’s getting chummy with Brian.  (finally).  I told him it would take Six months.  When will he learn to listen to me.

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