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on April 22, 2009

Good Morning Good Morning.  NOT raining.  I didn’t even wear my jacket in this morning.  I have lunch with friends… Life is pretty good.

Fewer spambots at My South Beach Board this morning.  Or maybe it’s just that I deleted them 3 times yesterday instead of letting it build up.  UGH.  GET ME OFF THE SPAMMER LIST….

Food was not bad yesterday and I DID not have the popcorn!!!!!!!!   I’m proud of me.

Dinner last night was some really really good MahiMahi (pan fried in a bit of olive oil and garlic then sprinkled with  (get this)  PORK RUB…   the spices just were perfect.

2 Responses to “04/22/09”

  1. littletessa says:

    i’m proud of you! you did good!

  2. 10Beeyatch on the Beach says:

    Pork rub? Now that sounds interesting!

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