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on April 23, 2009

Hello there.

Late start this morning.   did not get to work till 7:15.  amazing that I think this is late.

girl child is upset. her boyfriend thinks he wants to break up to ‘experience other girls’  UGH.  I told her to tell him “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”   at least he’s being honest and not cheating on her.   oy I”m so glad i’m NOT 16 anymore.  poor kid.

Bri is off today, it’s take your rug rat to work day… so his school system is closed.  it used to be a huge deal… now it’s not… at least not for me.  but then my kids are grown…

food yesterday was ok… today we will see I already at 9:45 a.m have heartburn.

I heard they will fix the hiatal hernia i have when i have surgery.

Lunch yesterday was da bomb.  I love the WLS girls from Obesity Help.   one is 4 months out one is a year out one is 18 months out one is 6 months out one 3 months out and one one month out… ugh and me… the only pre-op!  and the only one who made all gone with my salad… oh well soon will be my time.

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  1. littletessa says:

    so what do WLS girls eat at lunch?

    sorry about GC. it’s never easy whether you’re 16 or 46.

    • Nessa says:

      depends on how far out they are
      and how compliant

      for example
      A is one month out.. she got a plate of pulled chicken (like bbq just meat) she ate maybe 1/3 of it and took the rest home
      T is 4 years out she had grilled chicken on salad
      S is 18 months out she had half a wrap and ate it all
      M is 3 months out she had a a salad with chicken and took most o it home

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