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12/10/09-Frustration (no not the network…)

on December 10, 2009

Good Morning,

I’m frustrated with myself for so many reasons.  1. sometimes I think I’m a no good very bad parent.  I mean why do I have to give girl child such a hard time at 6 am?  Actually she’s very lucky her father didn’t want to wake her at 11 last night when we found all the coffee cups she HID behind her toilet in her bathroom.

How did we find them?  We followed the SMELL… OMG.    She said “i put them there”  I pointed out that on the floor was putting them somewhere but that BEHIND the toilet was hiding them.  I also pointed out that she can’t SMELL it because she’s SMOKING.   Oy.  She’s so busy wanting to help Shannon and her friend that her chores are not getting done.   And yes she has a lot of chores but OH well,  I work full time and I am selfish and I need help.  My house would not be such a mess if she did not live with me. My house would not be so cluttered. I would not be so poor.  I spoil her with gifts and clothes and treats.  Her father gets off easy.  Yes he does.   And I guess sometimes I get resentful.

But that’s not what’s frustrating me.  What’s frustrating me is that I’ve forgotten how to edit pages on WordPress.  and I’m going to have to ask Aaron yet again.  He’s so smart and he’s patient but still I can’t help but feel sometimes he thinks of me as just an old annoying lady to placate.. He’s a good kid his momma raised him right…

Scale was up today but still under 220 so I think I’m safely out of 220s now.   at least for this go round.  I’ve not set a  drop dead number yet…  I just wonder how low I can go.

My back is starting to hurt badly again… I’ll call the doctor later when they open and get an appointment for next week.  NOT a good thing.  Tammie would like to know which vertebra is irritated so she can work with it.   I just want my back to stop hurting.

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