Ethnic Chicken

Nothing Ethnic, Maybe some Chicken, Mostly Nessa


on May 28, 2010

1. Girl Child has graduated.  NOT sure how that happened.  but it’s done.  now to get through summer, finding a job and getting ready for community college.  I fear we are going to have to learn to drive now… oy vey.

2. my toe hurts.  Not my big toe, not my baby (pinkie) toe, one of the middle toes… only hurts when I WALK which pisses me off cause that’s that I like to do now for exercise… but I have to figure out what’s going on.  it’s not swollen it’s not red.  It looks like it’s getting either ingrown or infected. so I think I will soak it tonite…

3. My scale showed me UNDER 175 this morning.. Yay me.   this RNY thing is really working…

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