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Cheating? Magic? Easy? Part TWO

on July 16, 2010

More Background but this is about the other board…

First some more background:

I own another board as many of you know… (all 5 of my readers)… and that board came about THREE YEARS ago (can you believe it’s been THREE YEARS) as a result of a board split with South Beach DIET for Beginners Board.  A great board.  I made TONS of great friends there.  Supportive friends… loving friends. Nurturing friends. LIFETIME friends.  What brought us all together to start was that we were following or attempting to follow the South Beach Diet as a way to health and wellbeing.  (and maybe happiness).  Why is it that THIN = Happy??? (that’s another post/rant all together).

Well over the last three years we’ve all morphed and changed matured and grown in our self understanding as well as our understanding of our needs, desires wants etc.

Some of us have gone to intuitive eating, some of us have opted for surgical intervention, some of us are just being ourselves (and we love everyone no matter where they are in their journey as long as they are HONEST with us and THEMSELVES…  lying to yourself (and us) about your journey just makes it hard to love and support as we should.  ALL Of us STRUGGLE daily with being the best people we can be.  BUT the one thing I love about the board is that no matter where a person is in their journey we love and support them as needed… well most of us.

Whether spoken out loud, written or implied, the judgments about WLS are there. I hear them from strangers IRL.  I hear them on my board from folks pretending to be supportive (and then I get PMs from others who think that the attacks are unwarranted and unnecessary and wonder why I let them stand.

I let them stand because South Beach Friends may be OWNED by me but I think of it as OUR board and I want everyone to feel free to speak their mind there.   HERE is another story and HERE I will bash who I want.  I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.  I answer to NO ONE at Ethnic Chicken.

These ongoing subtle attacks are nagging at me and I feel the strong need to address these misconceptions…

Let’s start with the most common (and the ugliest one of all)  Weight Loss Surgery is THE EASY WAY OUT….

Let me ask you.. in what way is this the EASY WAY OUT?

Do you think that jumping through all the medical hoops for all the tests and clearances is easy?  Do you think that going through a medical procedure/surgery that might kill or maim you is easy?  Do you think that forever changing your insides so that you can’t drink alcohol (for some of us) or eat sugar or fat (for some of us) or drink and eat at the same time is EASY?

Yes it’s a choice we make.  So in that vein, I realize that this hardship is self imposed, but is it any harder than say a VLC that you go see your doctor for every month?  And WHICH is more sustainable?   ONE day those on VLC will have to come off of it… will they be able to control their food intake better now that they have quickly dropped  50-100 pounds?  What did they learn during their Shake drinking time vs. what I’ve learned as a newly post-op WLS patient?

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