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Cin City Part 2

on August 24, 2010

Continued from Here (part 1 of this)

At the Q and A I got to HUG TONY!  OMG he’s so tall and SO THIN and so HOT… he’s really awesome. I love him and wish he lived closer… I need a brother friend… I do think Tony was the most loved guy at the entire conference.

so… after the Q and A that included Dr Garth and Big D (and personally no insult to Dr. Garth but I love Big D he’s funny as shit) Connie Stapleton and Chef Dave, we broke for a bit rested for a bit and then came together for DINNER

Chicken, black beans, onions and peppers, cheese, salsa, etc… and amazingly enough a tortilla/taco shell that I did not have… (even though I eat those evil carbs ya know)

after dinner debbie went to sleep pretty early… I went to play with Andrea and Beth some more and ended up in their room drinking Clicktinis.. and eating cupcakes…

now this sounds terrible horrible and no good in terms of health and such but if you look at it in the whole it’s not so bad.

first of all I drank maybe 1/4 cup of a clicktini… i’m not a drinker…  and cupcakes.. maybe 2 bites…  but i was hanging out with my goofy girlfriends… and that’s all we are is a bunch of formerly fat chicks having fun….

I headed back to my room a little after 11 and was up at 6 am the next morning…

we had seminars… and I’m going to be honest… I didn’t sit in on all of them…

I love Mary Jo but I could teach her a few things about a good sex life…

Dr Garth bless his heart… I loved salads and such before surgery… but now Oscar… he prefers steak… we feed him what he wants….

Anyway,  after the sessions we went to Caddilac Ranch for Dinner.  I rode a mechanical bull, I danced in the streets with Melting Mama… (and made a Cincinnati Cop smile)… and then back to my room.. change my clothes and PARTY down..

first the fashion show… we got there a bit late but it was awesome… MaryAnn was beautiful and Theresa made me cry then there was a marriage proposal and everyone cheered

Finally there was Dancing… and I was a Dancing Fool… I danced and partied from 9-nearly 1 am including  some spontaneous lobby yoga, 3 cartwheels and other fun and games with the gang…

bed and sleep followed.

next morning was breakfast and packing and out we went… drove home did not speed… left Cinci at about 11 am in B-more and at Starbucks and Trader Joes by 8 pm

got starbucks and took Debbie on her virgin tour of Trader Joes… got a few things… and home..

there is so much i’m forgetting but that’s it for now.

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