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Pretzels are NOT Complex Carbs…

on August 30, 2010

It’s true.  Pretzels even whole  grain pretzels are NOT complex carbs.  As much as I would like them to be, they just are not.

AND they are truly gateway foods…  Pretzels, chips, (even soy chips) crackers… all of those make me WANT MORE… even POPCORN….

so yesterday when I got on the scale I was slapped with  169.    A HUGE slap in my face. and an awakening.  I was even at 11 months out OVER-INDULGING in TREATS…

So I realized that I not only had a BREAKING point but that I was LOOKING at it.  Now in the past I would have hit a breaking point on a Sunday and I would have said  TOMORROW I will restart… this time I KNEW that I had to get it under control THAT MOMENT…  not tomorrow… not next week not after breakfast but THAT MOMENT…  I had RNY 11 months ago and that was IT.   RNY was my LAST hope… if I screw this up… I have NOTHING to fall back on.

With THAT in mind I got back on track right away… and I was about 95% on track yesterday… I did not have popcorn that I love (and can have)  I had no chips or crackers with lunch (that I can have)   I did not even so much as TASTE Brian’s sugar free fat free frozen yogurt…  I just could not… I had to be strong…

What a HUGE difference for me head wise I mean..  I didn’t put it off..  I just did what I HAD to do.  WOW… while the surgery did not fix my brain,  clearly I have done some serious brain work on my own that I didn’t BLOW THIS off.  Makes me wonder so much what I could have done differently years ago… and ya know, I’m not sure I could have done anything.

I am no longer scared of being hungry!  (WHAT A GIFT)  I am no longer scared of NEVER having something I want again. I know now that on special occasions I can have what I want.  I just have to figure out what is a special occasion.

Driving a newf to New Jersey is not a special occasion.  Driving to a Conference in OH is.

Being in Lancaster Gaming for a week is

Being at Norman and Amy’s or our house weekly is NOT

Holidays ARE

weekly dinners ARE NOT…

(starting to feel like Maury with the AREs and the ARE NOTs)

But I digress.  Anyway I did not eat badly yesterday but I was not insane either.

I had a crab cake at dinner… i did pick most of the crab out of the cake and leave the filler but because i was full and it was a bit dry. I also ate Quiona (KEEN-WA) that had chicken bullion to flavor it so it was salty. I had some roasted corn and some green beans… YUMMY!  and clearly not carbophobic!   I think I had over 135 carbs yesterday…  all good….

Yes I wanted to nosh. Yes I wanted popcorn and pretzels… and NO I did not have them.

I was lighter on fluids than I could have been… and yet at 5 am in the bathroom I knew the scale was going to show a loss and it did!  But not because I didn’t have carbs… cause I did.  It showed a loss because I had the RIGHT kinds of CARBS in the RIGHT amounts… and I left food on my plate.

I now have a goal to get BACK to 165.  I have discovered that losing 4 is much easier than losing 10 or 15….  When I get to 165  (hopefully very very soon) I will set the next goal for 161….  that’s TEN above my final goal… and then that will reset my BREAKING point… from 169 to 165…

I can do this.


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  1. angie says:

    I am commenting because I can…

    And because while you are being good we still need to eat on Friday.

    How good are you being? Do we skip lunch our and go straight to dinner? I am in btw! Shall I park at your house and we take just one car or ?

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