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on October 8, 2010

more randomness….

here are the kids from last night… taken with my cell phone

so i guess this is the current fav picture of them… Matt’s using it as his avatar on facebook!

My hubby bless his heart is feeling left out… no clue why I love him more than ever… and I think I’ve spent time with him but maybe not…  hard to see your own life when you are living it….    I think that’s why I enjoy having the kids around so much… I can WATCH them learn to be a couple.  I can WATCH them fall in love… and be in love… and it’s darling… they are so good together…

the gym was good today… one of the trainers winked at me as I ran laps… LOL…  yoga was good too.  I love yoga.

my weight is up a bit but I’m sure it’s water weight, I ate a lot yesterday… including popcorn… and chinese food for lunch…

well that’s all for now.

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