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Skinny Jeans

on February 7, 2011

I’m so shallow.   I bought new jeans on Saturday. I spent way more than I normally do on jeans.  I wonder if it’s because they were a size 6 or if they fit so well and feel so good… and look SO GREAT.

Yes I’ve worn them two days in a row now. I will probably wear them Friday too!  OMG I love them.   I feel SO GREAT in them. I think I”m attractive in them.  Maybe I’m not but it makes me feel like I am so I act like I am and I walk tall and fast. I think men are staring at my ass now… these jeans fit my thighs and my ass… there is no bagginess there. and I can and do wear BOOT with them…

BOOTS… knee high… sexy boots..  I feel pretty… I feel sexy… I feel GOOD.

it was worth it.

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