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More Fashionista Talk…

on February 8, 2011

Well I’m getting more and more into shoes… SHOES… who would have thought it.  but I no longer wear a wide.  I have gone from a 9 wide to an 8 regular in most shoes…  Wow…  I was at the mall last night with my darling husband and we looked at a LOT of shoes…  I’m also very much into clothes now… skirts even more than ever before…

but OMG shoes… today it’s peep toe kitten heels…  now I’m short I can wear HIGH heels but there is something about kitten heels I love…   I didn’t 100 pounds ago. I hated heels. I hated shoes in general and wore what was comfy.

NOW  I will sacrifice a bit of comfort for sex appeal and fashion… I mean it’s freezing today and I’ve got PEEP toes on…

and they are new and my feet hurt…

but the slacks would not look right with ugly comfy shoes. and skirts.. they require special shoes too… so I go shoe shopping… more and more.

I just got a lovely pair of wine colored suede pumps.  I can’t wait to wear them I wish it was DRY enough. I”m going to scotch guard them….

I also find I do my hair more now

I wear makeup more now

and I got contacts.

I feel pretty

I feel sexy
I feel GOOD!

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