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I’m losing days…

on March 22, 2011

Last week I lost Tuesday… i was just too tired.

This week I lost monday.  Why?  Because Sunday I went to see Jim and stayed over night… we had a minor fender bender with the car and the car needed to go to the shop and I needed a rental.   Most of yesterday was spent dealing with the insurance with that.

I decided at the very very last  minute to go have dinner with Jim on Sunday night… we needed to talk about some things and we both felt in person was a better choice.. Brian agreed to help me with the dogs so I opted to stay overnight.  

We had a late dinner and talked and talked and talked.  Everything is wonderful.    We ran some errands.  and at the second Errand.. we hit a pole with the front of my car.   Thankfully the car was driveable and I was able to get home..  But Monday was spent with insurance and rentals and all that stuff…   I am so glad I am a federal employee and life is flexible… how do others do it???

Anyway the car is in the shop, I’m driving a Jeep Liberty for the rental… HUGE car compared to my Matrix but I like it.  Jim wanted me to try it and offered to pay the difference since insurance covers $30 per day… I think I could learn to like it… 

I have to start getting more sleep… this going to bed at midnight or later is killing me…

So, today is a tuesday that feels like Monday…  and next week, I will be off Friday and Monday….  FOUR DAY WEEKEND BABY… with Jim no less!  woo-hoo.

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