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I’ve been too far gone…

on September 6, 2011

Wow it’s been a long long time since I updated. I keep meaning to but I don’t. I guess I’m becoming more private…

So the plastic surgery went well… Jim took very very good care of me.. the first few weeks down in Baltimore then we went up to his place in PA… and I had minimal appetie… and I was losing weight. I was down 5 pounds of skin… my boobs.. cute perky things.. 36B or 34C depending on the bra…. my pants went from size 10 to size 6

I was healing nicely… feeling great… we went on vacation and I ended up in the hospital with a perforated ulcer (and lost 10 more pounds (I’m up about 3 now)…. wow… what a wild ride this summer has been.

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