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Working out is finally working out for me.

on June 9, 2014

I have been mulling this idea over in my mind. Recently I got back on track. Very recently, like in the last week or so. I’m hoping it will stick this time. It has before because I found something that resonates with me. Well now I have something that resonates AT HOME. WOW.

Let’s start with a current standing. I have gained some weight. Sadly. It’s my own doing… At my lowest I was @135. Today I was 171.5. I like me around 148… so I want to lose about 20-25 pounds. I sadly did not stop when I got to 155 or 160 or even 165…. My highest I’ve seen since my surgery is 174. and while that’s NOT bad (my highest ever was 293) it’s NOT great since I’m a mere 5’2″.

My ankle goes out now and then, my right knee hurts pretty much every time I bend it. My right hip… well it’s on fire most of the time and it hurts a lot too. I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease which is a nice way to say my spine is collapsing on itself. Not much I can do but get strong and keep at it. I’m only 54 but there are days I feel 80. I never feel 20 any more.

So anyway… I used to go to Lifebridge Gym. I did walking and yoga 3 days a week and lifting 2 times a week. I worked with a trainer. then my back went out. Then I stopped going to yoga for several reasons. Then since I was not going to the gym regularly to save money we dropped the gym membership. Now I have NO gym membership and i have struggled with working out on my own.

I could NOT figure out why I could not get going on my own. Well in the last few weeks I have stepped up my game.

Finally, it seems to me that I’m catching on and figuring it out.

So what changed?

I have a website and I have been there with some very close dear friends since 2007. Doesn’t seem that long. Anyway… they are a lovely group of women but none of them have had weight loss surgery. I was posting but not really involved. I was there but not really putting in an effort.

Then, my darling friend Nikki Masse of the infamous Bariatric Foodie website started a private group on Facebook for those of us who have experienced regain after weight loss surgery. Bless her heart (truly not in the nasty sense) she added me to the group. It made me finally Realize that was in total DENIAL that I was OUT OF CONTROL. For some reason THIS group resonated with me. The members or the situation or SOMETHING just made THIS GROUP the one I wanted to be good for. This group was the one I wanted to WIN for. And yet winning for this group means I win for myself.

I have this arm band called a GO Wear Fit. It’s by Body Media and It does all sorts of lovely things. It tells me how many steps I’ve taken and how many calories I’ve burned and how well I’m sleeping. I pay 6.95 a month for the website on this and I might as well use it to the best of my ability.

I need to track my food. I don’t like the food tracker on the Body Media Site but I LOVE the food tracker on SparkPeople. . I wanted to get my Body Media armband and Spark People talking to each other and I finally figured it out. Then I became a REALLY happy camper. I now have a way to link my favorite food record with my body measurements. Woo-hoo…

Then I realized I had to start moving more. I was getting up going to work and coming home to veg on the couch. This will NOT do. I am only 54 and i need to move more. So I started looking around ON Demand. I found Cardio Fit for Seniors by Angie Miller in the fitness area. I figured, I’m a klutz and I’m out of shape and I’m doing NOTHING so this is SOMETHING. Well This SOMETHING saved me. I am NOT sure what about this workout works for me… but it got me started… and it taught me to modify. I have learned to Modify UP AND modify DOWN. Maybe that’s the key. Maybe the at home stuff is fine for a starting point and for getting you going and teaching you how to figure out what you need on your own and then it becomes a bit of a place holder.

For example in Cardio Fit for Seniors (CFFS) she says “go at your own pace” and my pace keeps ups with her just fine… but I was able to take “go at your own pace” from her and apply it to Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) without feeling like a failure. Because who can’t walk? I can’t walk. I fall over my own two feet in the kitchen for god’s sake.

Anyway.. after CFFS where I have upped my intensity by doing bigger movements and carrying weights, I discovered WATP and did the 1 mile walk without difficulty. I have gone on to the 2 mile walk and while I have completed it once I find 1.5 miles now on this works well.

So then I tried Absolute Beginners Dance and Step and I can do most of the tutorial and some of the step routine but when I get lost I don’t give up I just do what i know I can do to KEEP MY HEART RATE UP. Because I know now that my work out is not limited to one thing. I can work out as little or as long as I like.

So yesterday was a ROCK star day. First i did CFFS Warm up, then Cardio One, Cardio, Two and Cardio Three and Four. I even carried weights in sessions 2 and 4! I then stopped the DVD and said “I don’t want to do strength and stretching.. I want to WALK MORE”. I stopped the DVD and put in the WATP and then I said “I want to try the 2 but I’ll do only till i want to stop” and yet I managed 1.5 miles only stopping when I had met my step and workout goals for the day. I didn’t do the cool down because I was NOT done, I then popped in my new DVD from the Yoga for Inflexible People set and did 30 minutes of seated yoga.

So yeah I got a serious workout in yesterday. Oh also did some step on the wii to warm up before doing my 30 seconds of planking. Yes I can hold a plank for 30 seconds. Not great but it’s better than I was doing.

I like the whole working out thing. I note my back is not hurting as much and while I’m still fat and not losing weight at least I feel good that I’m trying.

Working out is finally working out for me.

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