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02/26/10- A Snowy Friday’s Thoughts..

Good Morning!

up at 5 am and it’s SNOWING in Baltimore.   and BLOWING… oy the wind is really bad.  I don’t mind snowing but I HATE blowing.. I hate WIND… hate it hate it hate it.

Well anyway I was up, i folded a few items of clothing and helped brian get going this morning.  he’s frustrated he’s up two pounds. I told him it’s water weight and he’s stressed and retaining water from his injuries but  he doesn’t believe me.   I wish I could make Brian love Brian.  I wish there was a magic pill.  There is not, sadly.

Anyway, after Bri left for work, I grabbed a quick shower and hit the GYM.  I did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer at Strength level 4 which is a tough workout for me… then I took Tammie’s 7 am yoga class.  I did not feel like I was doing so great in the class… I fell out of postures and needed to break 2 times during the class.  but I know I’m better than I was 6 months ago…

I managed to get to work by 8:30 which is great.  I will hopefully have lunch with Angie today.  NOT sure where we are going yet..

Did I mention that I signed us up for the STEAMPUNK WORLD’S FAIR in Piscataway NJ in May?  Brian and I are going for the weekend…  Steampunk is my new passion…   not sure what I am going to do with it yet as I’m just into the fashion and form part of it at this point.  Seems rather shallow of me.

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12/10/09-Frustration (no not the network…)

Good Morning,

I’m frustrated with myself for so many reasons.  1. sometimes I think I’m a no good very bad parent.  I mean why do I have to give girl child such a hard time at 6 am?  Actually she’s very lucky her father didn’t want to wake her at 11 last night when we found all the coffee cups she HID behind her toilet in her bathroom.

How did we find them?  We followed the SMELL… OMG.    She said “i put them there”  I pointed out that on the floor was putting them somewhere but that BEHIND the toilet was hiding them.  I also pointed out that she can’t SMELL it because she’s SMOKING.   Oy.  She’s so busy wanting to help Shannon and her friend that her chores are not getting done.   And yes she has a lot of chores but OH well,  I work full time and I am selfish and I need help.  My house would not be such a mess if she did not live with me. My house would not be so cluttered. I would not be so poor.  I spoil her with gifts and clothes and treats.  Her father gets off easy.  Yes he does.   And I guess sometimes I get resentful.

But that’s not what’s frustrating me.  What’s frustrating me is that I’ve forgotten how to edit pages on WordPress.  and I’m going to have to ask Aaron yet again.  He’s so smart and he’s patient but still I can’t help but feel sometimes he thinks of me as just an old annoying lady to placate.. He’s a good kid his momma raised him right…

Scale was up today but still under 220 so I think I’m safely out of 220s now.   at least for this go round.  I’ve not set a  drop dead number yet…  I just wonder how low I can go.

My back is starting to hurt badly again… I’ll call the doctor later when they open and get an appointment for next week.  NOT a good thing.  Tammie would like to know which vertebra is irritated so she can work with it.   I just want my back to stop hurting.

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July 6, 2009

7:42 a.m.

Morning all…

well the weekend was great.

we went gaming at  N and As on Friday  and it was fun.  dinner was fun too.   but of course not healthy…. (sorry N….)  chicken fried rice, egg drop soup and pot stickers…

saturday we went to Janet’s Party.  Sarah was there.  it was fun.  Her house is very nice in a lovely part of town.  we stayed much later than expected…  and even brian had fun.

sunday I took Harley and and Hannah to the dog beach.  hannah retrieved for about an hour… harley actually went wading on his own… he’s getting it.  I might go back tonite! it’s a 35 minute drive to get  there so it’s not a quick trip at all…

scale was stupid this morning the first weigh (256.4) seemed excessively low, the I was up one pound, then I was up two pounds…  and then I gave up.  I suck.  I doubt that I will show a loss this week yet again…. Not sure what I’m going to do…

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Hello there.

Late start this morning.   did not get to work till 7:15.  amazing that I think this is late.

girl child is upset. her boyfriend thinks he wants to break up to ‘experience other girls’  UGH.  I told her to tell him “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”   at least he’s being honest and not cheating on her.   oy I”m so glad i’m NOT 16 anymore.  poor kid.

Bri is off today, it’s take your rug rat to work day… so his school system is closed.  it used to be a huge deal… now it’s not… at least not for me.  but then my kids are grown…

food yesterday was ok… today we will see I already at 9:45 a.m have heartburn.

I heard they will fix the hiatal hernia i have when i have surgery.

Lunch yesterday was da bomb.  I love the WLS girls from Obesity Help.   one is 4 months out one is a year out one is 18 months out one is 6 months out one 3 months out and one one month out… ugh and me… the only pre-op!  and the only one who made all gone with my salad… oh well soon will be my time.



I am really not sure I like that most recent posts go on the top.  I mean how do you know where the beginning is?  It just makes no sense to me.  Especially for folks new to the blog.  I mean how do they catch up?  And this whole reading from TOP to Bottom thing… UGH.  HATE IT!

I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed this morning.  Brian missed an appointment I forgot to remind him about.  It was for the Venous Doppler on his legs.  Oy. I feel so bad. I have to reschedule now.  I also noticed I do not have Cardio scheduled.  Ugh.  What a pain.

In a way I am NOT happy we are using St. Agnes.  It’s really outside of MY COMFORT Zone.   So many times I defer my comfort for Brian’s.  My fiscal comfort, my physical comfort, my emotional comfort.   I mean really if I really did what I wanted to do, we’d have  fewer cable channels (we have EVERY PREMIUM channel there is except the premium sports channels), we’d have the heat on lower, the ac on less,  And various other things.  If I did what I wanted to do, I’d be having Surgery ASAP instead of deferring to let him go first at a time convenient for him.  He wants to go first because he’s afraid if he sees how sick I’m going to be right after surgery he won’t have it.  He’s a big huge baby.

I am really hoping that after the surgery so many things will change for him.  Including his self-esteem.   I know he’s already talking about a different job.    He’s so smart.  He could do so many things if he only loved himself more.

Oh well.   Still so very cold here.  I wish Spring would hurry up.

House news: the new table will be here NEXT FRIDAY APRIL 3rd.  Just figuring out how to take the morning off at home.  I normally attend via phone a meeting on Friday mornings.  Maybe I can do it from the house.  The grill was not working well last night.   Brian thinks we are low on propane. I have to find a place to fill tanks that charges by the pound not the tank.

Dogs: Harley is growing in so many ways.  For sure he’s getting taller.  Now he goes out for Girl Child AND he’s getting chummy with Brian.  (finally).  I told him it would take Six months.  When will he learn to listen to me.

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I never ever know what to say in my posts.  I guess that’s going to have to change yes?

What’s this site about?  Well it’s more than a blog.  “but it sure looks like a blog doesn’t it?” you ask.

Well yeah it does,  but that doesn’t make it less than what it is.  It’s a journey.  Not sure yet what it’s a journey to but then the trip should be a blast.

Currently  there  are several things going on in my life.   Running a webiste  for South Beach Dieters.  South Beach Friends Message Board which of course started as an offshoot of a board that we all met on.  We were all following South Beach Diet (me included) and had one of the ongoing  ‘vets are so mean to newbies fights’ and someone said ‘if you all wanna be so mean why not go start your own board?’

So I did! So there!  Of course I never imagined it would turn into a true domain with users finding us on Google! I figured it would be 25 friends whining and bitching about how idiots try to change the diet and then complain when it doesn’t work.

I still feel that way.   that SBD works.  and it works well.  For some people.  For me not so well.  for people like me not so well.

so I’m going to change my life.  but more about that later.

Other  things I have to deal with  Children.  I have 3.  2 boys and a girl.

the boys:

Older Son (OS) is almost 25.  OMG am I really old enough to have a 25 year old child?  WHAT? I’m NOT 18 anymore???  ugh.  OS is a special child.  not just to me.  He currently lives in a group home nearby and is in a special program for adults with emotional problems.

Older Son  2004

Younger Son (YS)  is nearly 23 and graduates from Drexel this coming June. he’s a funny kid.

Daniel Channeling Keanu Reeves

neither of them live with us.

the girl child

and yes we do call her Girl Child.    She is the bonus that came with the husband (more about him later).   Met her dad who was supposed to be fun and games but you know how that goes…    she was 9 then.  now she’s nearly 17!  and she’s a good kid.   A smart kid.  a FUNNY kid.  MY KID.  and I love her.  just like my boys!   I really hate that society thinks you have to physically birth a child to be the parent.

Isn't she lovely

ok enough about the two legged kids… now let’s talk about:


yes we currently have 2 fur babies.  We have Harley who is a 15 month old Newfoundland (Landseer) and we have Hannah our 7 year old  Pitador.

In February 2002 I got Bagel.  (huh? who? what? I thought this story was about Hannah and Harley?!– well it is but you need to know about Bagel too)

Bagelat about age 2 Hugging Hannah age 10 weeks

Bagel at about age 2 Hugging Hannah age 10 weeks

I got Bagel from the Baltimore SPCA after the Baltimore Humane Society Turned me down. (bless their hearts).   Bagel was  a curmugeon of a dog.  He was never warm and loving and was always very independent.  He did what he wanted and I had semi-control over him.  He was large and black and was clearly part Newfoundland.  He was about 2 years old.  I loved him and he saved me. Because of him I was able to finally get out of a bad marriage that needed ending long before Bagel arrived.  Of course the second disaster said “i’m being replaced by a dog” and I said  “yep” 😛

But I was working long hours and felt Bagel was lonely so I got Hannah.  Oy.  9 weeks old.  Fearless.  my little yellow dog.  Well not mine. Bagel’s.  He picked her out.    While Bagel knew ‘speak’ and ‘down’,  Hannah knew  ‘come’ and ‘stay’  never could get both dogs to do both things.  I’m not a great dog mom.

Fast forward to Summer 2008.  Bagel is not doing well.  I take him to the vet (now remember he’s fat because he has a thyroid condition and a lazy mommy.  He has Lyme Disease.  a BAD case.  A titer over 30 is bad. Bagel’s is over 300.   We give him meds and he gets better.  and then one day, he can’t walk.   Back to the vet we go.  He has a herniated disk in his neck.  We don’t know from what.   A week at the vet on

steroids and he can’t move still.  We make the horrendously painful decision to put him down on September 14, 2008.   <insert horrid sobbing and tears here>.   Hannah is lost.  Brian (the husband I have not yet talked about) is devastated.  I’m sad. yes I am. in fact even now i’m on the verge of tears.   But Bagel is at peace now. Waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge

well we felt lost so we contacted Donna at Autumn Acres Rescue because I had previously done some transport for her. and asked about a Landseer puppy.  A male.  She happened to have 2.  Dallas and Phoenix.   Brothers.   I could NOT take both.  (which is good because Phoenix is in an awesome home in upstate New York).  I took Dallas.  But we changed his name to Harley.

He was ten months old when we got him that was 5 months ago.  He’s still skittish but he’s doing much much better. and he’s growing.  he was 78 pounds when we got him.  he’s up to 96 pounds and he’s a delight.    Every day in every way it gets better.

Now Brian (again with the husband) wants A MASTIFF.   OY.  we live in a townhouse for goodness sake.   Maybe next year.

The Husband

Met Brian online in an AOL Chat room around Thanksgiving 2002.   Met him at Betty and Jakes Bar about a week later.  He was a player.  and I was ok with that.  it was fun and games ya know.  He’s ELEVEN YEARS younger than I am.  and he’s a doll baby.   Spring 2004 he gave  up the playing ways and moved in with me.   December 31, 2004  we got married:

Nessa and Brian  December 31, 2004

The day was gorgeous 70 degress and sunny on New Years Eve in Maryland.

The party was great.

and now for the rest of the story as this post is getting way too long…

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