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On Scale Fluctuations

Potty is fine
food yesterday was good (even if I did have half a petite fillet with bacon horseradish cheddar on it for dinner) with smashed potatoes and some roasted veggies  (yes I can eat like a normal person, only smaller amounts…)

what i Need is a good 2 week liquid protein diet… NOT Happening… too early for real dieting… I should still be honeymooning and losing…. arrghhh…  oh well the fact that I do yoga three times a week cardio 5 days a week and lift two days a week means I’m doing something right…

On March 27th I saw 189.8 for the first time  I stayed in the 180s for THREE whole days then bounced up to the 190s again for SIX days…. SIX long horrible days….

April 5th I hit 189….  Rock solid… 189 and i know that’s my weight now… 189… I should be THRILLED…. I Mean after all  I only DREAMED of 189 for how long before surgery…. NEVER thought I could get there…. in fact 189 was my secret private don’t tell anyone goal.  I figured 189 was where I’d get and settle. I feel good here. My numbers are good (Cholesterol 127, glucose 84) and I can move… improvement is seen weekly in Yoga by both the instructors and myself…. it’s that obvious…  so I should be happy right?  I’m at goal right?

WRONG…. WRONG WRONG… so now what’s my goal?  what’s my secret private goal… hmmmm…. hmmmm… instant response 169….   just like I used to say  ONEderland was my goal… it wasn’t 189 was my brain goal.   So now I can say 179 is a goal but in my heart of hearts I know that it’s 169….  and I wonder if I will EVER get there….

But I digress…

anyway  so on 4/5/10 i was 189…  Then the DROP came…
187.6 down to 186.2 back up to 187.2 then a plummet to 184.8 then the climb back to 187.4… Which is where i sit… still below the magic 189….  I should be happy… I’m not.

oh well

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03/01/2010–March Madness

March 1, 2010

Wow it’s MARCH already.  My birthday month.  Yep that’s right I’m going to be FIFTY in 13 days.  Hannah my pup will be 8 in 12 days.    That puts her at about 56 in human years.  I think she and I are at the same point… stiff in the mornings,  not always hearing when we are called,  having to potty more often, and just wanting to lay around and do NOTHING..

Today is a critical weigh day.   It’s the first of the month and it’s a Monday.   double whammy.  and yet my weight decided to be stupid.   I was at 193.8 this past Saturday and today I was up nearly 4 pounds to 197.6.  I know it’s water and poop.. but that does not change things… it makes me want to cry.  It means that my loss for the month of February 2010 was 4.4 pounds.  OUCH.  that’s like NOTHING for someone  5 months out from weight loss surgery.

Oh well,  today is the gym… I’ll feel better after the gym.

But wait there’s more…

NORMAN bless his heart sent me a great new picture.  

isn’t she GREAT?!?!?!

My new addiction.. STEAMPUNK…

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02/28/10 Snacking

Well we had a house full of NWLS friends last night… including a couple of naturally skinny folks… it was a ‘dinner party’  in that we cooked and served food…. it was also gaming…(board games that most of you have never heard of….) and we were teaching some newbies some games …..

it was our first grill and game since surgery for us….

gaming is hard for me cause i’m used to SNACKING during gaming.  it’s HABIT… not hunger…

and I am used to drinking and snacking at the same time.    (this has probably been the hardest part for me)  I still miss drinking and snacking… not drinking and eating however…

but I digress…

so we picked up  chips for our friends and told everyone to supply their own sweets and/or sodas as desired…..

we also got CHEESE for snacking since we all love cheese…. and of course DH and I can have cheese…

I am just over 5 months out from surgery and I have just started adding back crackers recently…  (yet I still feel GUILTY about this don’t ask me why)

so yesterday I picked up some Sesame Wasa Crackers… YUMMY…  and some BRIE and some lean boiled ham….  not sure what I was going to do with any of these things but I was shopping without food in my pouch…. not a good idea… my  tummy shopped not my list….

last night for my last snack I melted some brie cheese on the wasa cracker (just one) and laid a slice of ham on top of it…   OMG it was HEAVEN….   I really really really enjoyed it….

I didn’t need to have a snack like that but it tasted really good and I really really really enjoyed it. Maybe more than I should have…  I am wondering why I feel like I did something wrong…

I think I’ll have it for a snack later today as well…

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12-03-09 I really need to post MORE

Well well well I never post here.  I’m so busy over at Obesity Help ‘s RNY board that I just never get over here.  And I should.  This is my attention whore place is it not?

So let’s see… weight loss sucks.  I have to stay off the scale.  Seriously.  I’ve lost around 30 pounds in 10 weeks.  now this is not bad…. and I should be THRILLED.  but I’m not.  I want a regular steady loss NOT an average.  I know i’m averaging over 3 pounds a week but STILL… ARRGGHHH…

I’m in the gym.  IN fact, I see the trainer 2 times a week and I take yoga at least once a week.   And I’m doing CARDIO too.  ugh.

Potty issues abound.   I take COLACE and Fiber but it’s not as helpful as I would like.

I just wish I knew I was doing ok…

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09/24/09 Finally Post OP… some Ramblings….

well hi there.  tuesday was surgery.  i cried in the preop room the heprin stung.  i was stressed.  I got weighed at the hospital.  the nurse said  ‘it’s in his orders I’ve NEVER seen that before.”  wow… wonderful..  yay me.

I remember being wheeled somewhere… then I remember waking up in recovery… NO Memories of anything else…..

I was not in recovery long, then up to a private room.

brian stayed most of the day.  dilauded makes me itch and it makes me nauseous.

while i love my doctor the nursing staff is so overwhelmed I had to sit in a chair for 2.5 hours before someone came to me. and i asked for help.  after shift change it was hours before i met my nurse….  this is wrong.  just totally wrong….

angie bless her heart.. stayed with me all of wednesday we walked  laps  2 laps twice.  I was home by dinner time the day after surgery.

not drinking enough.

emptied the JP drain once, they did not give me the cup to measure so I had to make one.

it got hot here now…  figures.  so i switched to shorts for today.   I need a shower.  maybe brian will help me with one tonite…

just rambling here.   I’ll try to remember to clean it up later.

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8/31/09 ~ The beginning of the End

Good Morning…

today is the last day of my Pre-Weight loss surgery life.  Although I don’t have surgery till 9/22/09  I want to start my prep for it tomorrow  9/1/09 (also my brother’s birthday.  he’s 46 tomorrow)

I want to go out to lunch today but I think the plans we had are going to fall through…

I am working late, then heading to my MIL to look at her computer.  then stop at the store for the girl child for lunch meat…

hubby is home.  he’s been home all summer.  and his boss lost her contracts so hubby lost his job.  but he quickly found another. I think he starts tomorrow.

Today we are going to go to Cheesecake factory for lunch.   LAST CALL!


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I am sad.  Sad I am.  Not Sam.   Sad.  Frustrated. (and clearly doing KIRK)….

oy will I ever be thin?  I have been eating fairly well.  I know i need to exercise but everything hurts.  the tops of my feet hurt, my muscles are cramping, I’m out of breath constantly.  If i don’t lose weight I can’t have WLS so I can lose weight… what a catch 22, if i could lose weight would I need WLS?

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July 6, 2009

7:42 a.m.

Morning all…

well the weekend was great.

we went gaming at  N and As on Friday  and it was fun.  dinner was fun too.   but of course not healthy…. (sorry N….)  chicken fried rice, egg drop soup and pot stickers…

saturday we went to Janet’s Party.  Sarah was there.  it was fun.  Her house is very nice in a lovely part of town.  we stayed much later than expected…  and even brian had fun.

sunday I took Harley and and Hannah to the dog beach.  hannah retrieved for about an hour… harley actually went wading on his own… he’s getting it.  I might go back tonite! it’s a 35 minute drive to get  there so it’s not a quick trip at all…

scale was stupid this morning the first weigh (256.4) seemed excessively low, the I was up one pound, then I was up two pounds…  and then I gave up.  I suck.  I doubt that I will show a loss this week yet again…. Not sure what I’m going to do…

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Wow it’s July already! How the heck did that happen?

So glad last night stayed good food wise.

Hopefully today will be more of the same.

Scale:  down nearly 4 pounds over night  258.6

today’s plan:

breakfast: coffee w/ff hnh and atkins shake (had the shake LATE about 10:45)
eta: fresh fruit (about 1/2 cup) at a meeting this morning but NO BAGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
water w/crystal light mix
snack:  carrots and hummus
lunch  Atkins shake
snack:  string cheese and almonds
snack: carrots and hummus
dinner: salad w/lean protein, low fat dressing and edamame

planning on getting a mani pedi today.

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6/30/09 I’m BACK…didja miss me

June 30, 2009 11:34 a.m.

the time has come the time is now.

I am still finding my way here… trying to figure out how to make this place work best for me.

but after a FABULOUS weekend at the beach with 7 of my WLS girl friends, I am back today a tuesday… on a liquid diet…  not so much because i don’t know what else to do but because I do and I find it hard.

I’m trying liquids today (crystal light, protein drinks, coffee, water)  with some veggies and nuts in hopes of losing some weight for my July 9th weigh in.

If i lose weight, i can be submitted to the insurance and move forward with the surgery I so want.

so in the name of honesty:

Scale 262 (chinese on Sunday, quiznos for dinner last night retaining a ton of water)


coffee w/fat free half and half and sugar free vanilla syrup

started out drinking crystal light

so far

47 oz cherry limeade (walmart brand crystal light)
23 oz orange (again walmart brand)


23 oz apple (again walmart brand)

1 atkins vanilla shake (around 9:30)

now it’s all I can do to think about the food I DID bring with me… nuts and carrots and hummus….

but since you can’t drink and eat at the same time and i’m working my crystal light I have to wait.

just teaching myself I guess.

Waited till 12 noon

having carrots and hummus

1:19 pm

had 200 calorie packs of almonds.


carrots and 2 oz hummus

had another atkins shake

have NOT had any of the salt water taffy i brought for everyone else.  still working on the 23 oz of apple drink.

did half an hour of credit

got home tummy was upset.  went potty


salad greens, cucumber, mushrooms peppers onions
swiss cheese (2 slices)
can of chickpeas
roasted edamame
salad dressing (low fat)

coffee w/ff hnh

fudge pop (NSA)

NOT a bad night

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