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1. Girl Child has graduated.  NOT sure how that happened.  but it’s done.  now to get through summer, finding a job and getting ready for community college.  I fear we are going to have to learn to drive now… oy vey.

2. my toe hurts.  Not my big toe, not my baby (pinkie) toe, one of the middle toes… only hurts when I WALK which pisses me off cause that’s that I like to do now for exercise… but I have to figure out what’s going on.  it’s not swollen it’s not red.  It looks like it’s getting either ingrown or infected. so I think I will soak it tonite…

3. My scale showed me UNDER 175 this morning.. Yay me.   this RNY thing is really working…

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It’s HUMP DAY… have I climbed the hill???

well here I am  8 months and a few days out… weighing in at an interesting 176.4 this morning… WOW.. so close to 175…  never thought I’d see this.

169 puts me at OVERWEIGHT  I am 7 pounds from OVERWEIGHT… OMG that’s less than my babies weighed at birth.   I am working through the pain of a pulled butt cheek… LOL… I’m still in the gym and LOVING it.  I feel pretty good.  I sometimes think i look good… it’s almost like I don’t want to allow myself the luxury of admitting I look good.  Like that’s vain or shallow…   Did I do this for my health or my looks?  WELL…. a little of both I guess…  I like the good numbers on the blood work, I Like feeling fit and healthy. I LOVE YOGA..

I guess it’s hard for me to see that I could stop losing in 10 pounds and be done… I think I want to be 145 for a  while…

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On Scales, Calories, Input, Emotions, and Insanity…

On Scales, Calories, Input, Emotions, and Insanity…

Maybe I should just call this the insane post of the day.  Because, I am insane.  I am nuts.  WHY do I give a hunk of metal SO MUCH FREAKING POWER???  Why do I, WHEN I look the same as I did yesterday or last week, think I’m so much fatter just because the SCALE says I am?  WHY do I give it power?  It’s evil, I need to stay off of it.

Thankfully, I am not so insane as to alter workout or eating patterns because of a blip on my scale radar… but STILL…it affects my mood…. I mean I’m wearing a CUTE outfit today… blue sundress, blue jersey jacket… great earrings… HEELS… and yet in the back of my mind I’m FAT FAT FAT… but I’m not.  It’s water… it has to be…. I mean what else could it be, According to my GoWear Fit I’m over the last week generating about 1000 per day DEFICIT so shouldn’t I be DOWN 2 pounds this week NOT UP????

It does make me mad. It makes me sad. It frustrates me.   But I refuse to let it get me down. I mean what choice do I have?  I can’t go back to eating the way I was eating pre-op, Oscar would not handle it well. And I don’t WANT to stop working out as I feel so much better doing the yoga and the weights…  I even can run a bit now… although my knee kills me afterwards…

I see folks on the board on OH eating under 1000 calories per day at the same level I’m at and I wonder if I’m doing something wrong with my 1680 daily…. It makes my head hurt to think about this.  The GOWEAR fit says I should be eating 1681 a day… that seems like A LOT for a WLS person less than a year out… but I think that perhaps a few years down the road it will hold me in good stead as I don’t struggle with having to hold my calories at 1200 a day to maintain.  I want to be able to eat like a normal person later on…. I eat like a normal person NOW… just smaller amounts.

Yesterday I had Soy CHIPS.. LOTS of salt.  I had leftover Quodoba burrito bowl more SALT… and I had a lot of it at 9:30 right before bed… so I guess I can’t be mad.  I also REALLY need to potty… oy vey this potty thing is getting to me…

WHY do I second guess myself???

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Go Wear Fit, Wii Fit Getting Fit or Having a fit…

sensing a trend????

Ok so last week I got this Body Media Go Wear Fit armband thingy….  WE ARE BORG RESISTANCE is FUTILE… (we yeah with the darn thing on I look rather BORG LIKE…. since it rests on my arm (I’d show you but my PHONE died today and it’s the only camera I have)….

well i set it to make sure I did 7500 steps per day… simple right… NOT on lazy weekend days…  so last night at 8 pm I was not going to make target for calories OR steps without some EFFORT… so I fired up the Wii…   and unwrapped the Wii Fit Plus… OMG I did it for 45 minutes.    the dogs watched me… I liked it.  Now let me point out that I would NOT have gotten on the WII FIT without the Go Wear FIT and that because of both of them I’m getting fit… but of course I get obsessive so my husband is having a fit..

Now I’ve been wearing the GoWear Fit since Friday.   I got my regular day on friday:

I walked over 8,000 steps and burned over 2300 calories and ate under 1600 calories

it alleges 1 hour and 17 minutes of moderate activity (it was a yoga and cardio day so shouldn’t’ it be more?)

I manged just over 6 hours of sleep and had 91% efficiency… that is the coolest thing to me… that it can tell me how efficient my sleep was.

oh and I had over 700 calories deficit  (If I am reporting my calories right)

Saturday was even better as my friend NIK trekked me all over downtown Baltimore… I burned nearly 3000 calories on Saturday and ingested under 1000 I should have a HUGE deficit…  over 2000 and I do

AND i took OVER 16,000 steps and had moderate activity for over 3 hours on Saturday… WOO-HOO right?

I really am enjoying it and I forget the arm bad is on.. the display is a bit much for a watch and I’m thinking of going to a clip on for it instead…

so why is the scale up nearly 4 pounds since Friday???  Corn Chips?  Al Pacinos (a great local place for Middle Eastern Food) and Chip0lte…  oy SALT… and potty issues…

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So much to talk about… so much on my mind…

I got my GO WEAR Fit yesterday from my friend Katie..  and I charged it and synced it with my laptop at home (and i can look at the reports at work) I put it on last night but it was after dinner and working out…I did sleep with it but I haven’t synced it so I’ll see tonite.   Some folks don’t put their food in. I may or may not on a daily basis but I will for a few days at least…

I’m still figuring out the display and the armband thing with it.  Putting the armband on is no big deal… wearing it is no big deal… in fact you can’t even tell I have it on today… and it doesn’t bother me… I hope it helps.  I did take a one year subscription and it doesn’t seem too bad.. it will be interesting to see what happens.

This morning while I was on the elliptical (finishing up 20 minutes of cardio (and I worked hard at it) the darn display beeped at me to tell me that My moderate goal was met.  I have tried to look it up and I can’t find it.  oh well I’ll ask around over on OH… I then took a kick ass yoga class with tammie.  I held a tree today. I still wobble badly at tree with a kickstand because of the closed eyes.  I can do a beautiful modified half moon and my child’s pose is improving.   I can do half moon on the left much easier than on the right…

The point is yoga class rocked today and I worked up a nice sweat…

I’ve noticed in the last few days especially I’ve hit a new point.   Yesterday I felt THIN… this morning I feel NORMAL… and it seems that  all the women at the gym that used to find me invisible no longer do…. Now this may be a function of the fact that they see me 5 times a week consistently or it may be a function of the fact that I no longer have that FAT chick appearance…   I don’t know.  I’m not sure I want to know.

What I do know is that I am loving the gym.   I love going, I love how I feel when I’m done. I actually liked sweating today.   Who’d have thunk it ya know…

Why is it that when I think about things they sound so profound and then when I go to write them they seem so trivial.

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Yep Yep Yep it’s time for one of THOSE posts… not all about WLS or health or what you normally have come to expect…

no todays topics will be  Skin, clothing, knee pain (again), arms and shoulders and GARMINS.

So first let’s talk about my GARMIN…   Why in the world do I want to talk about a GPS.  Because mine is more than a GPS and it’s a smart cookie too..

We now have two Garmins.   Brian went to Bristol TN for a NASCAR race and took the Garmin with him.  This made sense… the only problem was that Andrea and Beth were visiting Baltimore that weekend and Nik and I were going downtown to see them..  I DO NOT go downtown without  my Garmin so I had to go and buy a new one.

Well this new one is very interesting.  It has bluetooth so I talk on the phone through it… which is really quite helpful especially since Maryland is going Hands Free in October by law.   It has 3-d photos of the intersections to show me which way to go, it speaks the street names, it has traffic so it tells me how delayed I am.  AND yesterday it figured out ALL by itself that going to work my normal way would take me longer than the back way.  So it automatically adjusted.  Now I don’t NEED the garmin to get to work but it does the bluetooth and  now that I know it tells me if the beltway is too backed up to use  it will be part of the morning routine…

Let me tell you about Baltimore Traffic…  We are some of the WORST traffic in the COUNTRY…  I live NINE miles from work.  NINE MILES… this is 3 beltway exits (actually 2.5 since one is right as soon as I get on and I could take instead of the one I take before it)   NON-RUSH on the beltway I can be there in under 15 minutes…  RUSH hour… well depending on the traffic I’m 15 minutes to FORTY FIVE minutes.  to go NINE MILES…  yesterday would have been an HOUR on the beltway to go THREE exits.   The back way takes about 25 minutes but I’m MOVING the whole time… on the beltway we are SITTING A LOT…. and you have to be hyper vigilant.   There are lots of TRUCKS (18 wheelers) and tons of morons…..   I am very thankful that i have so many OPTIONS to get to work.  I can get off at the exit before if it’s really bad….or tough it out…  UGH..   I HATE driving to work.

Today I came in early I was at work before 7  there was still traffic.   Oh well summer is coming and once schools are out it’s a bit easier…

On Clothing:

I have a closet full of clothes… lots of cute summer dresses… some stuff that’s too big.. NOTHING that’s too small.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THERE IS NOTHING IN MY CLOSET THAT IS TOO SMALL.  Yes there is stuff that does not fit but that’s cause it’s TOO BIG!  OMG!  I am able to wear 14s.  they fit snug.  but  not TOO snug…  at least not according to everyone else… according to me they feel TIGHT… but they look as ok as a chick with skin is going to look…

I can’t figure out sizes.  I wore 14s on Friday I wore 18s yesterday I am wearing 16s today…   all jeans… granted these  are a teeny tiny bit baggy in the thigh (and maybe the butt I don’t know I never look at the butt I’m all tummy and if I can get it to fit there I”m happy.

This morning I was a good girl and I put one pair of jeans and 2 tops in the donate pile…I tried on a purple top and in my heart i knew it was big.. but not too big… so I kept it…  the two tops I put in the pile are fairly new and not TOO big but big enough.  the hard part’s going to be doing the sweaters from this past winter… Jeans are easy…  tops are hard…

today I have my shirt tucked in.  but i felt weird so i put a cardigan over it..  at least as I get less fat I get better style.

Of course one of the reasons clothes are fitting better is I’m working out…. sadly that leads to pain along with the glory

My knee is bothering me.  It started Saturday after working out…   It’s NOT the meniscus which had a cortisone shot a week ago it’s the Baker’s Cyst…  I’m going to have to have that sucker removed… it really is limiting me.  it ACHES… I can do all the yoga poses and all the weights and stuff but the constant ACHE is wearing on me….

I guess this is a good transition to my arms and shoulders (which ill then be a good transition to our FINAL topic of the day SKIN…)

I noticed on Sunday that my SHOULDERS are very defined.   my biceps are large but not bulging.  the batwings stink but what can I do?  My quads are like rocks… I’ve got some serious definition showing up.  and I LIKE IT… I really LIKE IT….  I like working out…  I don’t like the knee pain.  I recorded my workout with Tammie and that might help me.  I’m going to do a few more… get an idea of what I want to do… write it all down then record all the machines and settings on the itouch and it will be most helpful!

Too bad exercise is not going to fix the skin….  it’s getting bad….


(just posted this on OH)

IMO EXERCISE has NOTHING to do with skin….  only muscle.

let me tell you I am lifting weights twice a week with a trainer and doing yoga three times a week (along with 3-5 30 minute bouts of cardio weekly) and I have SKIN like you would not believe….  and I’m not even done losing.

I look like a sharpei puppy….

my arms have wings which looks weird because i have large biceps and great shoulders….
my boobs… well there is no hope for them… NONE….
my belly when I sit looks like a tushie because it creases in the center…  the panni hangs so low you can’t even see if i’m a boy or a girl….
my back folds onto itself like a puzzle
my inner thighs I can’t even begin to describe them….  but suffice it to say it’s so bad you can see it below the pannus…

my husband bless his heart loves me no matter what but his refrain when he sees me now is  “you’re going to need plastics”…..

Thankfully right now my rashes are pretty much under control… god bless Nystatin powder.  But it involves daily wash and dry and powder… and sometimes twice a day and as the warmer weather comes it will be even worse.  I wonder if the constant ache in my neck is the weight of the boobs pulling down on my shoulders…  I wish I was brave enough to post pictures of this skin….

the inner thighs are so ugly and horrible empty sacks of skin….almost two inches can be pulled out of each upper thigh…   I can see a mons lift in my future as well…

I am not looking forward to plastics it’s a horrible recovery and if I didn’t have the rashes I’d not think about it….

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Musings on being 7 months post op…

Today is April 22, 2010, 7 months ago at this time I was in surgery.  I had Gastric Bypass at St. Agnes Hospital with Dr. David Von Rueden on September 22, 2009, just 5 short weeks after my darling husband Brian had it.   At the time it seemed like a good idea.  Now I’m not so sure.

This has been a rough week for Brian.  He is in a LONG LONG STALL and he feels like a WLS failure.  He is not.  He is down nearly 35% of his body weight in 8 months… this is a good thing. He has gone from over 475 pounds to under 315… this is TREMENDOUS… the problem is, he’s still over 300 pounds and I’m not…   While he is VERY compliant about his food and drink, he’s not so compliant about his exercise.  And he knows it.  And we are working on it.   I wish this WAS magic.  It’s not.  It’s HARD work.  Trust me on this….  I work HARD to get as far as I get… and It is slow…  Let’s look at this:

The morning of surgery I weighed 253 on my scale.  (Or was it 256 I can’t remember)… let’s say 253 because I don’t want more credit than I deserve. This morning I weighed 184.4.  How casually I can say that now… but OMG I never thought I’d see the 180s again.

Let’s look at my weight loss monthly since surgery:

Date                              Weight              Monthly Loss      Total Loss      # of months

9/22/2009                 253                        0                                  0                           0

10/22/2009               236.4                     16.6                             16.6                      1

11/22/2009               225                        11.4                             28                         2

12/22/2009               214.2                     10.8                             38.8                      3

01/22/2010               204.8                     9.4                               48.2                      4

2/22/2010                  197.6                    7.2                               55.4                      5

3/22/2010                  191.8                    5.8                               61.2                      6

4/22/2010                  184.4                    7.4                               68.6                     7

The red text indicate months I lost less than average

The orange text indicate months I lost AVERAGE amounts

The  green text the months I lost MORE than average.  Of couse once you get past month six it’s a free for all… so there really is no average… I guess I’m all green now….

So what is AVERAGE?

According to my friend Pam T.

Month 1:                                                       20ish pounds lost

Months 2-6:                                               7-10 pounds per month lost

Month 6 and beyond:                           5-7 pounds or whatever your body feels like doing

So the average at 7 months out is anywhere from 60-77 pounds.  I’m right in there at 68.6 pounds… just under ten pounds per month… but still over 2 pounds per week… ya gotta look at the averages…2 weeks ago I lost NOTHING for the week.  NOTHING… not one ounce.  The week before I lost 3 the week following 3.2  so over a 3 week period I lost over 6 pounds…   Heck I weigh daily and if I did not look at monthly and weekly averages I’d be NUTS.  Because weight loss is not linear, comparable or predictable…

So what is a typical day like?   I think that’s often the question newbies to WLS have…


Alarm goes off  at 4:55  of course somewhere around 4:30 we all stirred.  I adjusted the tv for the news. the dogs rearranged themselves, hubby went potty… (interestingly enough I do not get enough fluids to make me get up and go potty at night any more…) we then nap till the alarm goes off.  Lazy mornings mean we aren’t bolting out of bed till 5:20…  If it’s MONDAY, WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY, I’m packing work clothes in my gym bag, breakfast, lunch and snacks in my lunch tote grabbing a shower and heading over to the gym.  If it’s THURSDAY I pack gym gear in the gym bag, and head to work because I train with Tammie on Thursday afternoons.

Personally I much prefer Yoga Mornings and wish EVERY morning could be a yoga class morning… Yes I know I could do yoga at home alone… but the dynamic of the class helps.  I plan to record the classes on my itouch along with recording my training sessions with Tammie she can state the name of the machine and the weights and reps for me.. It will be a big help when I’m on my own.  And yes after this set of workout sessions I will be on my own… makes me sad and scared but what else can I do.. it’s very expensive to work with her.  WORTH every penny but still….and I can’t depend on her forever, eventually I have to be on my own and take care of myself…

As usual, I digress…  ah the joys of an ADHD brain.  I think blogs were invented for us…  we ramble along in our own little worlds ya know…  But I do love yoga.  Especially now that I can move… and breathe and it feels better to do it than to not do it.  Yoga has become one of my transfer addictions… seriously.  I love it.  I need it.  For several reasons.

1. it makes me feel better emotionally to have accomplished something

2. it makes me feel better physically and it’s helping to keep me flexible and limber

3. it’s a nice start to my day.

But back to my day….

Every morning I make a protein drink to have in the car on the way to work (I drink some on the way to the gym on gym mornings)

8 oz milk

2 tsp benefiber

1 scoop Click (vanilla or mocha)

1 scoop Designer Whey Vanilla Praline Protein Powder

2 squirts of sf syrup (praline or vanilla usually)

shake this well in my CLICK shaker  and pour into my travel mug that has already been filled with an espresso shot of coffee.

nuke for 45 seconds.

I start EVERY morning with this drink

it’s got about 32 grams of protein and it holds me all morning.   Of course I’m not a big eater yet…  most days.  I do have my moments.

Anyway I have to remind myself to eat and drink… I swear I could go all day with nothing.

I have alarms set to remind me to take my vitamins…

Food that is good for me is not interesting.  I’d rather not eat.

Food that I miss (ice cream, bagels, cakes, cookies etc) scare me and I don’t touch them….

EATING is a chore.   Truly.   it is NOT the pleasure it once was and I am sure will be again…

I don’t think I get enough veggies. I don’t get a lot of fruit…

Protein I’m good with cause of all the protein drinks…


clothes are interesting.  I never thought I’d struggle with body image but I do.  I do not see myself as thin. I have to take a trusted friend with me shopping or else i don’t do well… I buy shirts too big… LOL how funny to me that I am struggling with this….  I was in size 26 at my heaviest.  my 24s were tight the morning of surgery…  now i’m in 14s pretty much… some 16s.  I keep saying I’m in 18s but the 18 jeans were pulled down last night without unbuttoning them… I think 16s are the biggest I can go now…

And shirts… depends on the cut  large or XL  but NOT  3x or even 4x.  And yet I still gravitate towards the big girl sizes…

Bras… were 48DDD now I think 42DD or even 40DD not sure… have to be fitted.. oh joy…

So here I am at 7 months out… losing weight, feeling great loving life,

are there any down sides?

yep… food struggles… emotional upheavals….body image issues,  SKIN… oy I’m starting to try to figure out how much of me is fat and how much is skin….  I’m starting to think there is way more skin than I thought… because although I’m still a solid 184 pounds,  I don’t think I have much more than 30 more pounds to lose… and I have no idea where I am going to tuck all this skin….  I guess I better start saving for plastic surgery….

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Don’t call me skinny…..

I have several topics today, so which do you want first my knee, yoga, my lovely potty issues or the hubby and his stress over my becoming a ‘skinny bitch’….  (have I mentioned that I Hate that term…. not bitch but SKINNY)  I am NOT a SKINNY bitch.  a BITCH yes but NOT skinny…

Let’s do potty first since it’s a drive by… WHY does my body NOT cooperate and potty at the time of my choosing?  WHY must we do it at the MOST inconvenient times. and why does it take so damn long?  I hate potty at work… PEE is fine… POTTY at work is just adding insult to injury.   Ok enough whining about potty… which BTW requires  DAILY:

enough fluids  (over 64 ounces of clear fluids)

2 colace

4 magnesium oxide

1 serving of beneifiber powder

a half a cup of fiber rich dried fruit from trader joes


some decent amount of fat… avocado, guacamole, gravy

See while simple it’s still complex…..

Oh well enough of potty…

My knee… my left knee is severely compromised.  oh hell my whole left leg is compromised I”m blind in one eye, i have a bad right flank (the piraformis) and I’m lame in my left leg… If I was a horse they would have shot me years ago…  Yesterday I went to see my favorite orthopedist.. Ian Weiner… Love that man. he’s a trip…

First of all he recognized my voice but NOT me… he had not seen me since before surgery… WOW… cool too…

then we checked the knee… swollen, painful, and it CLICKS…. so we did a four view Xray series and then he said  “let’s inject it with cortisone unless you WANT me to scope you…”    I did have an MRI of the knee in 2008 and we KNOW it has a medial meniscus tear and a misplaced popliteal cyst WITH debris so probably EVENTUALLY I will need surgery… but this buys me at least 6 weeks if not longer..

So I got up this morning and potty was not happening (my body decides when now ugh) and I went to yoga…. yummy YOGA..I can so see improvement in my practice now… my moves, my strength, my flexibility, my breathing… the only real pain i had today was the priaformis on the right side… and a bit of knee pain in the squatting poses…  I think I will cry if i have to give up yoga for any period of time… it’s what keeps me getting out of bed with minimal pain.  NOTE I did not say NO PAIN….just MINIMAL pain…  At fifty I think I”m not going to be pain free… not on my salary…  I would need daily massages  and working with the trainer to work this kink out… even PT is expensive… a 20 dollar copay per visit.. ugh.

FINALLY I want to talk relationships… my husband is a dear man and I love him madly.  He’s lost 34% of his body weight compared to my 27%  (neither is anything to sneeze at) and he’s losing very very slowly now…  OTOH my body is changing rapidly… his is changing I can see it… but the scale is not moving for him… he’s getting frustrated and feels like a failure… he’s so NOT a failure,  he’s doing great.. EXERCISE is not what he wants… it’s what he needs… and it’s not making him happy and I don’t blame him.  we have to find what he likes… for me I clicked with YOGA…  maybe too much…he won’t swim and he can’t do much walking… how frustrating for him…  he’s 14 pounds from TWOTERVILLE and I hurt for him…  I want him to be happy…

oh well… off to work…

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It’s A lovely Spring Friday…

my post from SBF:

Morning Gang,

hope everyone is ready for a great spring weekend.

my report:
workout yesterday was good… 15 minutes cardio before, then worked out with tammie (hard arms light legs cause of my knee) then 35 more minutes of cardio… I really don’t do the workouts to get thinner… or stronger unless you count STRONGER as the ability to get out of bed every morning without grabbing the wall due to pain….. this is my biggest fear about seeing the doc on Tuesday what if he tells me I have to stop working out or doing yoga even for a little while. it’s taken me SIX MONTHS to get as far as I have it will take me less than 6 weeks to LOSE all of it… I don’t want to go back to being a cripple…

after the gym I went shopping…

SOLIDLY in size 16 pants… zippers and buttons and all… I can do size 14 if they are elastic waist… WOW… tops are XL or L WOW… I used to be a 4XL FOUR…. tight four even… WOW…

so what did I buy:

1 pair of kakhi ankle length cotton pants.. (wearing them today)
1 pair of black pull on pants for work (size 14/16 fit perfectly)
1 pair of beige pull on size MEDIUM petite…. a tad snug but wearable with an over blouse
1 pair of white denim capris WHITE… size 16… really really cute… bri liked them..
1 blue jersey cardigan (can be a top or a jacket)
1 crinkle/wrinkle flowered 3/4 sleeve top (looks awesome with the black pants)
1 grey and white striped 3/4 sleeve jersey pullover size large.. a tad snug.. looks cute with the white capris
1 3/4 sleeve print top with a ruffle at the neck… black pants or jeans or even the white capris
1 blue thin 3/4 sleeve deep v-neck top for wearing with the tight beige pants

i think that’s it… 110 dollars… can’t beat it.

I’ll shop with BFF on Sunday too… CLINIQUE bonus time at Macy’s

scale this morning: 186 on the nose… oh well…. 1.2 up from my lightest… that’s a potty session… bfd..

on a conference call now…

this morning I did 25 minutes cardio and broke a decent sweat… i read somewhere once that the more you sweat the more fit you are and the more efficient cooling your body can do… but I might be wrong…
yoga was more restorative… I think Tammie tailored it based on our chat yesterday about my knee…
I worked hard. I need to work on core strength…

I noticed breathing today was deeper and better….
plank is improving…

food today:

commute: click/protein/milk/coffee frap
work: chai latte
lunch: at las vegas… probably split a fajita with angie
snack: protein bar cheddar cheese
dinner: chicken w/gravy and roasted veggies
snack: dried fruit and nuts… 


my knee is really bothering me.  i’m glad i’m seeing the doctor on Tuesday… I have mixed feelings about it… what if he wants to operate ASAP… or what if he doesn’t?   I just want this nagging pain to go away…

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Good Morning…
A bright sun shinny day here… :sun:

up and at the gym did 30 minutes cardio then an hour of :yoga: OMG I love :yoga:

today for the first time I realized I was going to do a shoulder stand without a block!

we were doing spinal rolls and then we did a hands under the hips legs up and I realized that the ab strength has improved enough that I was going to try the shoulder stand…. when it came to do it… UP THOSE legs went… then the knees came around the ears… woo-hoo :flex: and then straight legs back… OMG almost able to do a PLOW…. and to think back in November I could not even do a down dog or hold a modified plank. We did a sun salutation this morning that involved multiple standing poses including triangle and half moon…. my left side half moon is so much stronger than my right side half moon… (meaning I can stand on the right leg better than the left)… Yoga so shows me the differences in my body.

Sadly this morning my left knee is throbbing. I think that the partially torn meniscus is becoming a totally torn meniscus… oy vey.. and no aleve… :cry:

oh well.

scale was 186.2 this morning so creeping back down

food today:

commute: protein click milk coffee
work: hot beverages
lunch: homemade chicken soup with shredded chicken and carrots
snack: think thin protein bar
snack: 2 cubes swiss cheese half a banana
dinner: have a recital for Amy tonite so not sure….
snack: strawberries w/pudding (SF) and chopped pecans

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