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It’s Raining… It’s Thursday, my house is a mess and I have the dentist today

’nuff said?

the house is a disaster as we work on getting it beautiful and wonderful. Jim.. oy vey he’s dealing with the stress of this very well. He looks exhausted… how he deals with me I don’t know.

we are updating the house daily but right now it’s a slow process as I have no access to my laptop… if it’s still this bad when I get home I may drag it to panera and have dinner there and use the wifi…

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And so it begins…

Today begins the renovation of our home… I was told 3 weeks. I am figuring 4 weeks and I bet it drags on to 6 weeks when all is said and done…

I have so much to talk about… my new engagement ring… (pretty and blingy and over the top but with the parent’s old jewelry used to make the ring (and the wedding band) it means a great deal to me… and everyone is kind and says it’s NOT too much but it just may be… A one carat perfect center stone deep set in platinum with 12 baguettes on the sides (stair stepped down 3 2 1) and then one row of 4 chips one row of 2 chips and one row of one chip) for a total of twenty diamonds in this ring… of course the chips are tiny…. the baguettes are also very small… the chips are so small as to almost be pave’

it’s a European shank of yellow gold (squared bottom) with an inset of pink gold wrapped in white gold.. and the diamonds are in platinum… quite the ring… the matching wedding band is yellow gold with an embedded rose gold ring wrapped in white gold… can’t wait till October 6th 2012 to wear it… (that’s the wedding date)

So I’m taking pictures of the reno at home… it just started today

they started in the two spare bedrooms… sadly that’s where all my makeup and stuff is… oy…. going to be a fun few days this week with my make up packed up and no clothes available…

Day One of The House Reno

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