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I’ve been gone far too long

Deep sigh…. I am thinking of coming back to Ethnic Chicken… God Bless Aaron for making it easy for me…

going to consider a new theme…

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It’s Got a Life of it’s own….

What does?   My home renovation.    We are dying here… Jim can barely walk straight he’s so tired.  I have two gashed up legs… we are both on the verge of tears.. both eating crapily… (diner food for breakfast, Arby’s for dinner today for example)

It’s a LOT of work… today we started week 3… they are doing floors today but we only have ONE bathroom… arrrgghhh…


So anyway this thing is so HUGE I’m going to buy a website and give it a life of it’s own… ethnic chicken does not need to be swaddled with all this…

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Bless Aaron…. he fixed us… we’re back… now off to find a theme that works again…

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On Marriage and Abortion…. nessa’s one and only political rant so far…

Ouch this may stir stuff up but it’s MY blog and I’m going to say what I have to and want to.

NOT related to my weight or my health or my back… but stuff that’s going on in the lovely state of Maryland right now.

1. Maryland’s House and Senate have both voted to approve same sex marriage (this is a no brainer to me so I’m not sure why it’s taken so long.) In fact, I’m not sure why in the world the STATES have to deal with this… it should be a federal law that you can marry any PERSON you want.

I don’t want to marry my dog
I don’t want to marry my toaster… or my car…..

In fact, I personally don’t want to marry another woman. BUT I don’t think that anyone else should have the right to tell me who I can or cannot love and how I can or cannot express it.

The idiots who are against this are saying they will ask for a referendum and send it to the voters… that scares me enough to worry about it… so many NARROW minded people in this world… and lots of them in this state I fear.

I hear folks talk about this like gays are not human… the opponents of gay rights talk about gays just like those in the past talked about African-Americans not having rights, or the ability to make choices etc.

WHY in the world and HOW in the world can people think that they are better than others because of who they love, the color of their skin, or the religion they follow?

Arrrghh… I guess part of me wishes I could understand their feelings and yet a huge part of me is very very glad I can’t.

I’ve heard arguments that marriage is for procreation. I guess that means that infertile couples should not marry and couples that have no intention of having children should not marry.

Now, about this Abortion stuff… not going on here… but there is some place that is saying they want to have a law that says you can’t have an abortion without a transvaginal ultrasound. I’ve had those. It’s HORRIBLE. It’s invasive and it’s demeaning. Even when being done for a legitimate medical procedure.

I think they believe that if a woman sees this ultrasound they will change their minds. Like most women are so caviler about abortion? Maybe they think that some women will be so put off by the thought of what in my opinion is akin to a medically sanctioned rape, that they will just have the baby…

I guess again it’s folks that do not understand how adults think. More people that think they have the RIGHT to tell me what i can and cannot do with my own body… Now I have thankfully never had to make the decision to have an abortion since I was smart enough and wise enough to not have sex without protection unless I wanted to get pregnant…

Sadly there are women who don’t have that option… and again it’s the government sticking their nose in where they don’t belong… I’m not asking the state to pay for the abortion. Are they looking at what they would have to pay if they FORCE these women to have babies they don’t want? Welfare payments, medical payments. School costs… food stamps, medical costs… and yet if you ask them what to do with this baby and who will care for the baby and pay for the expenses of being pregnant and giving birth (even if the child was given up for adoption) they shrug… NOT MY PROBLEM… so tell me again why MY body is their concern???

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She’s BACK….

well sort of…

I bought a new domain today… Internet’s END because what I really wanted was already taken… by GOOGLE of all people… ROFL which is funny because this site will have a direct link TO Google… what amazes me is that THIS site when you Google ethnic chicken is the first hit. I love it.

So now that I have this new domain to play with what shall I do with it… well not much but it will be fun…

Me… my weight is up a few pounds… so today I started using my tool again…

1. protein first

2. NO snacks that are Unplanned

3 NO drinking and eating at the same time (this has really gotten out of hand for me)

4. cutting way back on carbs and sugar…

I am at 152 and that’s borderline over the top for me….. I keep saying I want to be between 140 and 145 but the truth is I’m happy between 145 and 150 with 148 being my favorite place…

so 4 pounds down… here I come!

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Saying HI

Just wanted to say HI to myself and any remaining readers I have. I have been one poor corespondent (bonus points to the person that can name the song that quote comes from) but I’m going to try to come back and post stuff…

Not much but my weight has changed since the last post. I’m up to @150 and I think that’s where it’s going to be… I don’t panic until I see 154 or so… but I love under 150… under 145 and I start looking gaunt… so 150 it is. not too bad for an old lady… going to be 52 next month…

Wearing anywhere from a size 4 to a size 10 depending on how it’s cut but I tend to be a 6 for most things… so NOT complaining… although Jim patted my belly the other night and said “belly” in that Homer Simpson voice that means he LIKES it… oh well… I guess a bit of meat on me is not bad.

I still want to do my back and legs but next year… I have no leave at work this year… I’ve used nearly 15 weeks in the last year… way too much…

So Jim is formally living with me in Baltimore. We are happy. We are planning a wedding in Las Vegas this year some time… there is a proposal coming on February 29th (Sadie Hawkins Day) from ME to HIM and then the planning will start… we have to pick a date first and I am waiting for my name to be changed back to my maiden name…

Work is good… Things are good. Just lots of things I don’t talk about so much any more.

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It got Worse

yes it did
it’s mostly my fault but still

i’m hurting
the man i love is gone…

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Today is a very dark horrible terrible no good day

I am in a bad place.
I did a bad thing
I hurt someone I love more than life itself in many ways.
I hurt myself in the process.

right now I hate me.

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It’s Wednesday… It’s hump day…. it’s the day before my darling husband turns 40… I must go get him a card today as tonight is our celebration… Tomorrow he works half a day and then he’s off to the races… he’s going to February Freeze which is a big remote control car race.   He has gone before but this is the first year he’s really going for the whole time.  He will be gone Thursday through Sunday… it’s good for him… he loves racing his little cars and he loves his friends.

And it’s good for me… I get to go visit a friend too…  and visiting this friend is FUN… I get to be mindless and childish and just relax and kick back and not work too hard at anything other than napping… maybe watching an old movie or two… oh and EATING… JUNK… I eat  and drink whatever I want when I visit friends….

I look forward to these visits.. probably more than I should… it gets me away from my day to day life..  if only for a little while…  usually a 23 hour reprieve.. sounds much like a hospital stay when outpatient is authorized…  this visit is a bit longer… about 48 hours.. I plan to make the most of it…

I should do a bathroom fashion show today but my heart is just not in it.  My pumps.. my favorite black pumps with the black bows… are TOO BIG… most of my shoes are too big… I look like I”m wearing mommy’s shoes.  I am actually going to go at lunch and get new shoes.   And I have to find something to eat for lunch…. and I can be a bit flexible… because well because the scale was below 150 today.

Below 150… it’s magic for me…  I went away for the weekend with hubby… to Lancaster.  It’s my FAVORITE place in the world for so many reasons…one of which is the FOOD… peanut butter covered pretzels.. full fat cottage cheese, apple butter, thick cut bacon, home made ice cream… yummy stuff… but the scale on monday was 153. It was well deserved and I just knew exactly what to do…

I used my tool… I stopped all the mindless munching.. I dropped all the simple carbs and went high protein… and poof two days later I’m down just over 3 pounds…  now I know if I stick to protein and no simple carbs I can drop weight easily… and yes there were times yesterday I was hungry but not overwhelmingly hungry… I could cope… I even ate a bit of bread…  and life is good.

Today I’m a bit more relaxed but still watching it…  I did my walking and my yoga… I feel good.

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RandomNESS but mostly about the kids………

Just feeling like I should post something.

Life has changed in so many ways

Brian is FIVE POUNDS from losing 200 pounds.  He was 282 this morning.. so he wants to go back to the gym.  I think his plan is to come back on the 15th but I plan to go with Matt.  I like working out with him.   He makes me RUN and that feels GOOD and it’s good for me… I don’t lift with him but I bet Bri will and that’s good for both of them!

Brian’s happy


my daughter is happy

and we have Matt now.    he seems happy too!

so where do we go from here?  up and out I guess.

Moving him in to our house might seem weird and strange and unusual and it is even to me… BUT we seem to be finding our way as a non-traditional family.  He loves my daughter. My daughter loves him.  May they live long and love long… and stay happy….   Brian and I while stressing do like having him in our home.

And living the way we do, while suspect and odd, works for us.

and we are eating great.  THIS KID CAN COOK and he works hard to learn to make healthy stuff!

and the house is clean

and the best thing.. my daughter smiles and laughs… and she’s growing and maturing daily.

It’s on my mind a lot that they are playing house under our very noses and we not only indulge it we encourage it.  But it seems to be working…

where do we go from here?  I do not know…one day at a time…

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