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Steampunking with Oscar…

Oh I’ve been so busy….  first of all we went to the First Annual  STEAMPUNK World’s Fair this weekend.  We took tons of Pictures that you can see here.

We spent tons of money that we should not have…. and had a BLAST… well I had a blast and Brian and Gidget had a good time most of the time (although Gidget did get Wonky on him once or twice)… but OSCAR was a GROUCH most of the weekend…  OSCAR has been  a grouch a LOT lately.  Given the option I’d drink all my food… OSCAR just does not like what I like… although he is getting better…

We drove up Friday night and stopped at Starbucks along the way (Maryland House or Chesapeake House I can’t remember which).  I finally made Gold Card status this weekend!  Took me nearly 5 months!  Unlike Brian I dont’ get Starbucks Daily… Maybe I should….  Anyway we got to the hotel (which was VERY NICE) a little after 6 and got checked in… A suite.   Walk in and there is the table the couch the chair a small fridge and a microwave and coffee pot.  Then the door and a bathroom, and the bedroom with a second sink… and a king bed.  two tvs… it was a nice suite and we enjoyed it tremendously.  it’s nice to have the air at 65 when you don’t have to pay for it on the monthly bill (yes I know I pay for it in higher rates later on)….

We got settled and walked over to the other hotel which was where the fair was supposed to be but it grew so much it got way out of hand….  we grabbed some food then set off to explore…    we found Pendragon Costumes and spent a TON of money…  Brian got a hat, a shirt and a hat topper/wrapper with them.   He looks SO handsome in a top hat…  He added brick red goggles that match the topper/wrapper and dang…

I got a very cool Jacket… brown leather nice lining, buckles.. big pouffy sleeves and it fits and will continue to fit no matter what as I can push the sleeves up.. and tighten the beltings… I also got a bronze skirt that ties for the waist so it will ALWAYS fit me.

Spent a ton… but we love the stuff…

WE died early friday and saturday nights because we are old decrepit people but we also know we could not have gone as long and as hard as we did friday saturday AND sunday had we not had WLS.

Saturday we got up and while I had EVERY INTENTION of exercising that just DID NOT HAPPEN.  IN fact,  Saturday was the FIRST day since I’ve had the GOWEAR FIT that I did not make all my goals.  I did not get my moderate activity of ONE hour done.  I was close however.   The GOWEAR FIT has really impacted how I live my life even after just under 3  weeks… I walk more, I move more.   Since April 29th I have lost 3.6 pounds, that’s over a pound a week!)  I have developed the habit of parking farther out so I make my 7500 steps a day. I  work HARDER in the gym…. I go to the gym MORE….  I want to BEAT my old personal bests…  go figure.

Anyway…. I didn’t exercise this weekend (unless you count the Victorian Rave on Sunday)…. but I walked and I lifted and I moved…  I also TRIED to eat EGGS yet again…

Let’s talk about Nessa, Oscar and Eggs.

Nessa loves  ALL eggs.   Nessa and OSCAR love hard boiled eggs.   OSCAR hates scrambled eggs and omelets.  Nessa cries from this.     I ate TWO hard boiled eggs on the road on the way up to con… NO PROBLEMO!

Saturday morning I tried a bit of scrambled egg… PAIN… OH THE PAIN… even with hot sauce  Sunday morning I tried OMELET… MORE PAIN… even with salsa…cry cry cry… I miss eggs for breakfast esp since I can’t have pancakes, waffles or french toast.  BREAKFAST was my favorite meal of the day…

pretty much ANYTHING in the morning makes Oscar cranky.   I had half of a half of an english muffin with fat free cream cheese… and some fruit.. nope  it hurts.

VERY VERY VERY well done bacon works… but how much of that can I eat????

Oscar does not like to be away from home.  He’s one GROUCHY pouch… I lived on Trader Joes Pita Puffs most of the weekend… and roasted edamame…

but I digress…  Anyway  Saturday was the  steampunk persona workshop… very very very cool… Saturday night was the murder mystery dinner…. we had fun and made friends but we absolutely were not happy about how it was handled.  we thought we’d be given clues and then have to solve the mystery… naw… but it was fun.

Sunday we went to the Evil Laugh Competition and the Tesla Vs. Watt game show… we also went to see Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band.  They are my new fav band.. LOL…  shortly after that I drove us home.  we made good time and we will do it again…

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at The steampunk World

got here last  night

spent a fortune on a hat and shirt for bri and then a gorgeous jacket and skirt for me… OMG we are still so underdressed

having as much fun as we can… amazed at how much food is around and we can’t eat.   breakfast… 4 bites of egg with hot sauce and Oscar (the pouch) is screaming)  a few bites of dry hash browns (not greasy) and some well done bacon (yum)  and a bit of fruit… I’m done…

btw  here is my shot from my phone last night:

oh so even though we are at the hotel I can go yoga… they have yoga  on the tv!

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You want to lose HOW MUCH more?

Went out with the BFF today… we’ve been friends for way too long… too long to admit.  We were young when we met… I was in my 20s… we’ve raised 4 kids between us… had a few husbands… finally have it figured out and life is good for both of us.  She’s loved me fat or thin, redhead or not… I’m a goof and she’s my rock… the stable normal one to my insanity…. but it works well for us.

Anyway today was SHOPPING… (and lunch)…. we went to Arundel Mills Mall in hopes of finding CLINIQUE BONUS TIME…. we did not find it but we did find CLINIQUE…  and some clothes…for me… and some books for both of us… but I digress.  I got jeans today… SIZE 14.   So why do I feel FAT?  a year ago I was nearly size 26 again… I”m down to size 14 and I feel like a failure and I feel fat….  Sometimes.

The 14’s looked GOOD…. felt GOOD…. were on sale….. I swear I may wear them with the tags on….  wondering what the weather is tomorrow…I got some cute tops too.  And beige corduroys for my STEAMPUNK costume for the SteamPunk World’s fair next month… they were 16s… I bet I could have done them in 14… Tops are still XL but that’s for the boobs… I’m thinking 40DD still… noticing bad skin under my arms now… might have been the bra I was wearing…

oh i did get 6 tanks for under clothes… size large cause i like them SNUG….

did some more shopping later with DH that included some new WORK-IT camis and some sports bras….

But that’s so NOT what I want to talk about today here…   Donna and I were sitting at Chili’s having lunch…. (and I eat pretty normally now… I had the inside of half a wrap with chicken and a couple of french fries and brought the rest home…) and she asked me how much more I wanted to lose…. well I’m at about 185 now.  I think I want to SETTLE at 155… I was a size 10 20 years ago at that weight so I bet I’ll be an 8 now?  Sizes have so changed ya know…. so I told her FORTY more pounds….  that gets me to 145 and gives me 11 pounds bounce back room… Well she pointed out how good I looked at 155… so I’m really close to being at goal.  I am 29.x  pounds from permanent goal weight and 39.x from lowest weight ever…  that’s NOT A LOT….  IF I continue losing an average of 2 pounds per week I am about 4 months away from permanent  goal….  and less than 5 months from bounce back weight and I can’t see this happening.   or maybe I can and that scares me to death…

I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that I might get to goal…. maybe that’s why I set my goal so low… so that I’d never get there…. who knows.

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03/01/2010–March Madness

March 1, 2010

Wow it’s MARCH already.  My birthday month.  Yep that’s right I’m going to be FIFTY in 13 days.  Hannah my pup will be 8 in 12 days.    That puts her at about 56 in human years.  I think she and I are at the same point… stiff in the mornings,  not always hearing when we are called,  having to potty more often, and just wanting to lay around and do NOTHING..

Today is a critical weigh day.   It’s the first of the month and it’s a Monday.   double whammy.  and yet my weight decided to be stupid.   I was at 193.8 this past Saturday and today I was up nearly 4 pounds to 197.6.  I know it’s water and poop.. but that does not change things… it makes me want to cry.  It means that my loss for the month of February 2010 was 4.4 pounds.  OUCH.  that’s like NOTHING for someone  5 months out from weight loss surgery.

Oh well,  today is the gym… I’ll feel better after the gym.

But wait there’s more…

NORMAN bless his heart sent me a great new picture.  

isn’t she GREAT?!?!?!

My new addiction.. STEAMPUNK…

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02/26/10- A Snowy Friday’s Thoughts..

Good Morning!

up at 5 am and it’s SNOWING in Baltimore.   and BLOWING… oy the wind is really bad.  I don’t mind snowing but I HATE blowing.. I hate WIND… hate it hate it hate it.

Well anyway I was up, i folded a few items of clothing and helped brian get going this morning.  he’s frustrated he’s up two pounds. I told him it’s water weight and he’s stressed and retaining water from his injuries but  he doesn’t believe me.   I wish I could make Brian love Brian.  I wish there was a magic pill.  There is not, sadly.

Anyway, after Bri left for work, I grabbed a quick shower and hit the GYM.  I did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer at Strength level 4 which is a tough workout for me… then I took Tammie’s 7 am yoga class.  I did not feel like I was doing so great in the class… I fell out of postures and needed to break 2 times during the class.  but I know I’m better than I was 6 months ago…

I managed to get to work by 8:30 which is great.  I will hopefully have lunch with Angie today.  NOT sure where we are going yet..

Did I mention that I signed us up for the STEAMPUNK WORLD’S FAIR in Piscataway NJ in May?  Brian and I are going for the weekend…  Steampunk is my new passion…   not sure what I am going to do with it yet as I’m just into the fashion and form part of it at this point.  Seems rather shallow of me.

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