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Dear Hackers

CUT IT OUT!  There are no ads here. There are minimal readers. The site is backed up daily and the owner and webmaster (two different people) BOTH do network security for the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!….  

You bring an IP to my site, it’s recorded.  YOU try to get in, it’s recorded and I get a notice. I get the notice I BAN YOUR IP…  and i take my site BACK.

WHY BOTHER?  for the fun… what fun is it?


I will find you and I will make you unhappy.   I monitor this site 24/7…. 



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She’s BACK….

well sort of…

I bought a new domain today… Internet’s END because what I really wanted was already taken… by GOOGLE of all people… ROFL which is funny because this site will have a direct link TO Google… what amazes me is that THIS site when you Google ethnic chicken is the first hit. I love it.

So now that I have this new domain to play with what shall I do with it… well not much but it will be fun…

Me… my weight is up a few pounds… so today I started using my tool again…

1. protein first

2. NO snacks that are Unplanned

3 NO drinking and eating at the same time (this has really gotten out of hand for me)

4. cutting way back on carbs and sugar…

I am at 152 and that’s borderline over the top for me….. I keep saying I want to be between 140 and 145 but the truth is I’m happy between 145 and 150 with 148 being my favorite place…

so 4 pounds down… here I come!

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Fourms… Support or Obsession

I love message boards.   I love support that I get at message boards… I love attention I get at message boards.  At small message boards such as  South Beach Friends I’ve made AWESOME long term REAL friends.  Many of them I’ve met in person.   That kind of board is special.   Your friends, know you, love you, care about you, do NOT blow smoke up your butt…they call it like they see it.  And that’s a good thing.  Having friends in real life and/or online who tell you WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR vs. what you WANT to hear are good.     It may hurt but it’s important.

South Beach Friends started out as a diet support board.  It’s morphed into  a bunch of friends hanging out and speaking their minds… and I love that.  

But it’s still about being healthy and sane… and my current situation is NOT sane.  NOT at all. And I know this.  So what is it I need for support right now?   I am in a long distance relationship.  I HATE it. It’s killing us. BOTH of us.  WE are so freaking sleep deprived it’s NOT funny. it’s as if we need to be on the phone half the night… as if that makes being apart better… but does it?  

We become non-functional in the important parts of our day.  Hell I’m non-functional now just thinking of him… I worry about Jim, he worries about me,  phone calls are a lousy substitue for hugs…  so I seek others who GET it.  Well at South Beach Friends, there are no LDRs going on… so I look for other message boards..  but what do I need support for?  


1.  A long distance relationship

2.  An age gap relationship because I am 13+ years older than Jim

3.  A relationship that contributed to the breakup of my marriage  (NOT the cause but the catalyst)

4.  Dominant personalities trying to find their way

5.  addictive personalities trying to find their way

so tell me where is the message board for  Long Distance Cougars…. etc etc etc….

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Cheating? Magic? Easy? Part TWO

More Background but this is about the other board…

First some more background:

I own another board as many of you know… (all 5 of my readers)… and that board came about THREE YEARS ago (can you believe it’s been THREE YEARS) as a result of a board split with South Beach DIET for Beginners Board.  A great board.  I made TONS of great friends there.  Supportive friends… loving friends. Nurturing friends. LIFETIME friends.  What brought us all together to start was that we were following or attempting to follow the South Beach Diet as a way to health and wellbeing.  (and maybe happiness).  Why is it that THIN = Happy??? (that’s another post/rant all together).

Well over the last three years we’ve all morphed and changed matured and grown in our self understanding as well as our understanding of our needs, desires wants etc.

Some of us have gone to intuitive eating, some of us have opted for surgical intervention, some of us are just being ourselves (and we love everyone no matter where they are in their journey as long as they are HONEST with us and THEMSELVES…  lying to yourself (and us) about your journey just makes it hard to love and support as we should.  ALL Of us STRUGGLE daily with being the best people we can be.  BUT the one thing I love about the board is that no matter where a person is in their journey we love and support them as needed… well most of us.

Whether spoken out loud, written or implied, the judgments about WLS are there. I hear them from strangers IRL.  I hear them on my board from folks pretending to be supportive (and then I get PMs from others who think that the attacks are unwarranted and unnecessary and wonder why I let them stand.

I let them stand because South Beach Friends may be OWNED by me but I think of it as OUR board and I want everyone to feel free to speak their mind there.   HERE is another story and HERE I will bash who I want.  I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.  I answer to NO ONE at Ethnic Chicken.

These ongoing subtle attacks are nagging at me and I feel the strong need to address these misconceptions…

Let’s start with the most common (and the ugliest one of all)  Weight Loss Surgery is THE EASY WAY OUT….

Let me ask you.. in what way is this the EASY WAY OUT?

Do you think that jumping through all the medical hoops for all the tests and clearances is easy?  Do you think that going through a medical procedure/surgery that might kill or maim you is easy?  Do you think that forever changing your insides so that you can’t drink alcohol (for some of us) or eat sugar or fat (for some of us) or drink and eat at the same time is EASY?

Yes it’s a choice we make.  So in that vein, I realize that this hardship is self imposed, but is it any harder than say a VLC that you go see your doctor for every month?  And WHICH is more sustainable?   ONE day those on VLC will have to come off of it… will they be able to control their food intake better now that they have quickly dropped  50-100 pounds?  What did they learn during their Shake drinking time vs. what I’ve learned as a newly post-op WLS patient?

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A new day a New beginning

Hi OH HI….  Hello….  HI THERE!   (do you speak dog?  cause that’s how I talk to the pups…)

It’s THURSDAY…. a bright sun-shiny spring day in Baltimore… which is about as good as I can come up with.

Today is LUNCH WITH THE BFF…  that’s how the invite came…   love that girl. have for nearly 20 years…. long before she loved me I knew we would be buds… she’s saved my life a few times in every sense of the word…   I would travel almost anywhere for her…  oh wait, I have….  the ADD tour of the south 2 summers ago was one of my favorite vacations ever.   TEN days in a VAN with her… driving from city to city to get some furniture to her darling daughter in TEXAS….  this trip involved a pilgrimage to GRACELAND… oh and drunk dialing my darling husband from NOLA  but that’s another story for another time…

So there was a blow up at southbeachfriends yesterday.  My fault.  Truly.  I was snarky.   Yes I was.   BUT I really feel that I was snarky BACK.    The key is at least I ADMIT to being a bitch….  an evil SNARKY bitch while those that I snarked at think they did nothing wrong.  How sad for those that live in imaginary worlds where they are wanted.  NO ONE BELONGS WHERE THEY’RE NOT WANTED  (I’ve got that song on right now… What You Didn’t Say) I love Mary Chapin Carpenter and have for years and years and years.   She was my gateway to Country Music.

Who invented the word SNARKY???  it’s such a good word.   Ok I looked it up. It’s a 1906 british slang term from  1866 SNARK…  meaning irritable who knew?   I thought it was an internet thing…  as now it’s used to mean a cranky response… as in  NESSA was SNARKY to  <insert the name of whomever I was snarky to today> when she said <insert my most passive/aggressive mean spirited comment here>.

Sadly for folks  I’m always snarky when I OWN THE SITE and can do so.     What’s really sad is that I’m not even going to the site today.   Not cause I’m afraid to see what was said   who the hell cares what they think.  I’m not going because I’m waiting to calm down enough to just be able to say “WHATEVER” to them.

The truth is there are several people at  SBF that I don’t want there but since I can’t see a reason to remove them other than I don’t like their motives, I can’t justify it.  At least not in my mind.    Not that they don’t think I will remove them.  AND that is the KEY to why they are the way they are.  THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHO  I AM OR WHAT I’M ABOUT.  How sad for them.

I know there are webmasters that rule with an iron fist and it’s my way or the highway… and they seem to think that I’m censoring them.   ummm  NO!  Censoring them would mean I delete their posts and deactivate their accounts.      Some of them are even attempting to  set up ‘reading accounts’  in the fear that I will deactivate them.   I f that’s what they think they need to do, I can understand why I don’t want them there, because they don’t grasp that although I totally disagree with their thought patterns, their beliefs and their motives, I will allow them their delusions and freedom AT THAT SITE.  Yes I will.   Truth be told,  while I OWN it.  it’s not MINE… THIS IS MINE.   I delete users here daily.   I moderate EVERY SINGLE POST here.  and will continue to do so….  Aaron and I are the ONLY moderators here.  But the SBF site,  well  their belief that I censor is just ludicrous.

I know I’m going to have to go to the site soon.  I know i have to deal with this insanity.   Today I do not. Today is send the Critical Patch letter day at work.  Today is not a good day for me to play with whiners.

Today’s health report:

There was no dinner last night there was noshing… half a protein bar, have a protein tidbit, got home had some imitation crab and some bacon horseradish cheddar then ate  pudding, banana strawberries and chopped pecans with whipped cream… oy such a diet…   but there was serious exercise yesterday…half an hour on the arc trainer,  an hour of yoga that left my knee hurting so badly I have an appointment with  the ortho knee guy on Tuesday… probably to ask about a brace since today the knee is feeling much better… yesterday I thought for sure I was going to need surgery. I know i have a misplaced Baker’s Cyst and a partially torn meniscus which may or may not now be totally torn due to use…  SERIOUS use…  Yoga three times a week is really stressing the knee but I need the YOGA so I can walk the rest of the week…. and to keep my brain sane…  I do have some transfer addiction clearly…

I would do a yoga class every morning if they offered it at the gym…

oh the scale this morning:  185.4.   amazing.  it was 189 when i went to bed.  WHY I got on the scale last night I have no idea.   but i did and i expected 187 or so this morning… Yay me!


commute:  click/designer whey/milk/coffee

breakfast:   none

lunch:  applebees with donna

snack:  cheese or protein bar or both half a banana

dinner:  no clue

snack:  dried fruit I”m sure no potty this morning.

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02/23/2010–testing and changes

now is the time for us to test the new stet up.

I’ve got a new theme  ASPIRE… it’s Victorian and hence a bit steampunky…   I just have to get rid of the fat chick picture now…

I’m struggling with remembering how to fix this place.  UGH how frustrating that things elude me that I used to grasp.  It frustrates me no end to be stupid.

I ate a nice lunch but it didn’t set well.  OY.   I need a vacation.

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Good Morning Good Morning.  NOT raining.  I didn’t even wear my jacket in this morning.  I have lunch with friends… Life is pretty good.

Fewer spambots at My South Beach Board this morning.  Or maybe it’s just that I deleted them 3 times yesterday instead of letting it build up.  UGH.  GET ME OFF THE SPAMMER LIST….

Food was not bad yesterday and I DID not have the popcorn!!!!!!!!   I’m proud of me.

Dinner last night was some really really good MahiMahi (pan fried in a bit of olive oil and garlic then sprinkled with  (get this)  PORK RUB…   the spices just were perfect.