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Fourms… Support or Obsession

I love message boards.   I love support that I get at message boards… I love attention I get at message boards.  At small message boards such as  South Beach Friends I’ve made AWESOME long term REAL friends.  Many of them I’ve met in person.   That kind of board is special.   Your friends, know you, love you, care about you, do NOT blow smoke up your butt…they call it like they see it.  And that’s a good thing.  Having friends in real life and/or online who tell you WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR vs. what you WANT to hear are good.     It may hurt but it’s important.

South Beach Friends started out as a diet support board.  It’s morphed into  a bunch of friends hanging out and speaking their minds… and I love that.  

But it’s still about being healthy and sane… and my current situation is NOT sane.  NOT at all. And I know this.  So what is it I need for support right now?   I am in a long distance relationship.  I HATE it. It’s killing us. BOTH of us.  WE are so freaking sleep deprived it’s NOT funny. it’s as if we need to be on the phone half the night… as if that makes being apart better… but does it?  

We become non-functional in the important parts of our day.  Hell I’m non-functional now just thinking of him… I worry about Jim, he worries about me,  phone calls are a lousy substitue for hugs…  so I seek others who GET it.  Well at South Beach Friends, there are no LDRs going on… so I look for other message boards..  but what do I need support for?  


1.  A long distance relationship

2.  An age gap relationship because I am 13+ years older than Jim

3.  A relationship that contributed to the breakup of my marriage  (NOT the cause but the catalyst)

4.  Dominant personalities trying to find their way

5.  addictive personalities trying to find their way

so tell me where is the message board for  Long Distance Cougars…. etc etc etc….

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Weird Weird Weird.  The New post toolbar is missing my fonts and sizing.  Oh dear.  At least I have my colors.  This is what I get for tweaking.  I did find a message board for wordpress and will be installing it.  Ethnic chicken will have its own message board… how cool is that???

News:   we lost girl child last night, I found her. Sleeping in her room.  Oy.  She never even told me she was going to bed. Or if she did I did not hear her.

Brian got home around 11:30 from race practice.  Not a good practice.  He’s already gone for today.  Since I’m going out tonight I won’t see him till later.

Tummy is a tad upset…  I made a new casserole for dinner last night and it sucked.  Gummy, flavorless… and appears to have not agreed with me.  UGH.  Oh well live and learn.

I’ve put in a load of laundry already

I’ve called the Baltimore Sun to have them send out a new Sunday paper that was delivered last night (Friday) and is soaked. It never came.

Still looking for someone to take the table and hutch.  I think we are going to have to move it to goodwill ourselves.

My wrist hurts (right).  I think I pulled a muscle or something yesterday.

The dogs are being restless and annoying but it’s raining so they have to suck it up.

Tomorrow we are gaming with Norman.  Amy has something to do.

Tonight I’m going out with girl friends.  OY!  Must stop and get some cash before I go.  I’m excited.  I don’t go out with the girls all that often.

Oh well not much to really say today.

I could talk about my lack of control food wise but I am not sure I want to.

Did I mention that I put the gym membership on hold?  I was going to cancel but she told me I could put it on hold for 3 months (April may and June) and then I can get a doctor’s note till after my surgery and recovery to put it on medical hold till I am ready to come back.  With Brian.  So I’ll try that for 3 months it’s only 25 dollars a month for the hold.   Gives me time to think.

I kept thinking I should get on the bike this morning but I did not.  Oh well.  Maybe I need to push myself harder.  I know I need to tighten up on my food….


Food has been very carby today

Fluids light

Exercise non-existent (I’m going out tonight I plan to dance some)

I’m home alone today that’s always a bad thing for me.  I really need to discuss this boredom eating with the nut. At my next visit.

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