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It’s Wednesday… It’s hump day…. it’s the day before my darling husband turns 40… I must go get him a card today as tonight is our celebration… Tomorrow he works half a day and then he’s off to the races… he’s going to February Freeze which is a big remote control car race.   He has gone before but this is the first year he’s really going for the whole time.  He will be gone Thursday through Sunday… it’s good for him… he loves racing his little cars and he loves his friends.

And it’s good for me… I get to go visit a friend too…  and visiting this friend is FUN… I get to be mindless and childish and just relax and kick back and not work too hard at anything other than napping… maybe watching an old movie or two… oh and EATING… JUNK… I eat  and drink whatever I want when I visit friends….

I look forward to these visits.. probably more than I should… it gets me away from my day to day life..  if only for a little while…  usually a 23 hour reprieve.. sounds much like a hospital stay when outpatient is authorized…  this visit is a bit longer… about 48 hours.. I plan to make the most of it…

I should do a bathroom fashion show today but my heart is just not in it.  My pumps.. my favorite black pumps with the black bows… are TOO BIG… most of my shoes are too big… I look like I”m wearing mommy’s shoes.  I am actually going to go at lunch and get new shoes.   And I have to find something to eat for lunch…. and I can be a bit flexible… because well because the scale was below 150 today.

Below 150… it’s magic for me…  I went away for the weekend with hubby… to Lancaster.  It’s my FAVORITE place in the world for so many reasons…one of which is the FOOD… peanut butter covered pretzels.. full fat cottage cheese, apple butter, thick cut bacon, home made ice cream… yummy stuff… but the scale on monday was 153. It was well deserved and I just knew exactly what to do…

I used my tool… I stopped all the mindless munching.. I dropped all the simple carbs and went high protein… and poof two days later I’m down just over 3 pounds…  now I know if I stick to protein and no simple carbs I can drop weight easily… and yes there were times yesterday I was hungry but not overwhelmingly hungry… I could cope… I even ate a bit of bread…  and life is good.

Today I’m a bit more relaxed but still watching it…  I did my walking and my yoga… I feel good.

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One Year OUT.. doctor’s report

I weighed 162 pounds
my BMI is 28.7
My BMR is 5642 kj or 1349 cal (that’s what I burn if i lay in bed and do nothing at all for 24 hours)
My fat percentage is 28%
Fat mass a whopping 45.5 lbs
FFM (everything in the body that is not fat what we call LBM) 116.5
TBW  85.5 lbs  means I”m well hydrated
my fat % and my fat mass are both in the desirable range!

my bloodwork:

Cholesterol:  went up a bit to 137
Triglycerides dropped to 75
HDL is at 57
LDL Cholesterol is 65
Cholesterol/HDL ratio is 2.4

Iron:   119
TIBC 265  lower than I would like but within range
% Saturation 45
UIBC:  146
Ferritin is down again too  106  so even with my taking 65 mg iron daily I’m still pulling Iron stores even without a period

Prealbumin 31

Folate  >24.0

VITAMIN D3  95  (nurse said it was the best she had ever seen… I guess their patients aren’t really compliant then)
Vitamin D2 <4

Calcium is 9.6
Protein Total is 6.9
Albumin is  4.2

B1 is 194

there is no freaking b12 but it was over 2000 last time

PTH intact is 40
calcium is 9.8

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