Ethnic Chicken

Nothing Ethnic, Maybe some Chicken, Mostly Nessa

The whole chicken thing

So what’s up with the whole CHICKEN thing  anyway?

I mean why in the world do I own a website called  “Ethnic Chicken” and there is nothing on the site about chicken?

Well I’ll tell ya,  it’s a cute story how I got the name.   I want to say WE because my webmaster Aaron is such a big help and such a big part of my web site but really this is my baby.   South Beach Friends while owned by me is really a very collaborative site.  And there is a collective WE that makes it work.

This place is a place I can call my own.

But WHY “ethnic chicken”???

Originally it was because of Mary Sue.

I LOVE Mary Sue.  She’s about as different from me as a person could be. (in that way she’s a lot like Donna my BFF of nearly 20 years)

Well we are work buds.  go for coffee, check in on the days activities and the nights before.  Mary Sue has a quick wit and makes me laugh and every day we talk about what was for dinner  the night before.  Well one day a few weeks back I came in and we had “Italian chicken” for dinner (chicken with tomato sauce, pasta  onions green peppers olives and mozzarella cheese).  A few nights later we had “Greek Chicken” for dinner (chicken with tomato sauce, pasta, onions, green peppers, olives and feta cheese). And of course we had Mexican Chicken (chicken with salsa, onions, peppers, black beans rice and cheese)    Later that week I walk in and Mary Sue says “so what kind of ethnic chicken did you have for dinner last night?”

Aaron (the wonderful webmaster and sometimes sidekick) thought it would be a great domain but ONLY if i didn’t discuss chicken or anything Ethnic.  In fact, he wanted it to be about  THE DOGS.

I just thought the name was hysterical.    So we joked I would buy it.   No biggie to own a domain.  I already had a place to house it.  So I planned to buy it.  But I didn’t do it right away.

AND THEN…. it hit me.   Why this would work….   How I could justify the name.  NOT that I had to.

And I’m loathe to put it in print, much less on the internet for the world to see but here goes:

When I was born my father gave me a nickname that nearly 50 years later has stuck  (at least with daddy)….

Yes, it’s true.  my nickname is   :::::::gasp::::::::      CHICKEN!!!

WHY? you ask is my nickname  CHICKEN?

I once asked daddy.     he told me it was because when he saw me for the very first time he said “she’s the size of the chicken we had for dinner.”

Nice to know mom was cooking at nine months pregnant.  I can barely manage dinner after a full day at work.

As for being Ethnic….  well there are some folks that would consider being Jewish an ethnicity.

so we have it covered yes?

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