Ethnic Chicken

Nothing Ethnic, Maybe some Chicken, Mostly Nessa

Day Six… what a way to spend a Saturday

Day Five

Alarm went off at 6 I was up and ready by 6:45 (showered last night) I hear we are getting doors back on the bathroom today!
Windows open…
dying bird on the porch this morning…
glass in the Jeep being repaired this morning
someone coming to get a desk this morning
two men working in the basement
one guy running back and forth to home depot (he got the wrong doors)
i cannot wait till this is over.

I love my painting guy… he’s wonderful… he took care of the almost dead bird for me… we will NOT discuss it… poor bird needed to be put out of his misery (and mine)

today they got the basement walls and ceiling (and steps) primed They did two coats on the basement ceiling.

I got everything but the KEURIG out of the kitchen… I have my walk in closet almost empty…

I also got the lead guy to hang my curtain rod in the master bedroom… I went out and got new blue room darkening curtains.. I would have liked them to the floor but Jim thinks that too long…. we will fight about that in the final home… after all this is just for a few years… they are hanging I want to see if the creases fall out.. if not I will have to wash them after the floors are done anyway…. It involved THREE trips to walmart to get the right curtains…

WE took the boys out for dinner for Mike’s birthday so we got a bit of a break from the house…

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